Supporting Reading at Home

There are several ways that you can promote reading and continue to inspire a passion for reading at home. It doesn't have to be time-consuming - short, sharp bursts of book-love are all children need! 


~~~ Listen to your child read regularly. Ideally, children should read their school book once a day, but a few times a week will still promote reading development. 


~~~ Talk to your child about the books they are accessing...

*What might happen next?      *Do you think this character is good or bad?      *Why is that character feeling angry? 

See other discussion prompts here


~~~ Make reading part of your child's bedtime routine. Bedtime reading has many proven benefits, including:

*Relaxing children ready for a deep sleep

*Stimulating children's imagination, exposing them to new experiences and vocabulary 

*Children hearing adults read to them provides an excellent role model. They learn how to read out loud, listening to your expression, and passion for the story. 

*Strengthening child-parent bonds by sharing valuable and meaningful reading time.


~~~ Let the children see you as a reader. Read around them, display books around the house, show them that books don't have to just be stories... recipe books, travel books and magazines are all a huge inspiration for reading! 


Other than read their book, what can my child do to develop their reading skills?

We encourage children to keep their school reading books for at least two nights, but there are lots of ways they can develop their reading skills from home. Here are some extension ideas: 

~~ Complete a book review. Use this template or write up your own

~~ Consider an alternative ending - how else could the story have ended? Make notes about this, talk about it, or write your own different ending! 

~~ Write about your favourite characters in the book. Describe them. What did you like/dislike about them? You could use this template if you'd like some structure.

~~ Write up your reading book as a comic! Here is a blank comic strip to use, or you can create your own.




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