At Buglawton Primary School, we take a hands-on, investigative approach to Science.  We believe that children learn best and will remember what they learn from 'doing' and by carrying out experiments and investigations. It is important for children to test out theories and see what happens when things go wrong in order to develop their enquiring minds. We encourage our pupils to predict what they think will happen, test out theories, and then discuss their findings. 

During Science lessons, our pupils work in groups. This develops collaborative thinking and learning and enables children to take on a role within a team. At the end of each unit, children produce their own summary of their learning and complete a test to measure their scientific knowledge and understanding and assessed using Headstart quizzes.

Science Week 2024

This years theme for British Science Week was 'time'. We decided to focus on 'farming in the future', each year group produced a farm using different materials to represent how farming may like in 50 years time compared to now. 


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Science Club


Our Science Club takes place every Wednesday. This term it is open for pupils in Year's Five and Six.


Out-of-school learning:


At Buglawton we believe we provide many opportunities for our pupils to experience "Science in Action". Examples of this are through trips to places like Peak Wildlife Park and Jodrell Bank, links with our local secondary schools inviting us to use their laboratories for sessions such as Flame testing and Use of microscopes, Visitors to school to talk about their jobs where Science plays a key part and assemblies highlighting Science opportunities and specific weeks like Engineering week. We have exciting practical Science assemblies where children can participate in an investigation and prove whether a hypothesis is true or false.

Photography competition

We participate in the Congleton High School photography competition annually. Below is an entry from one of our Year 5 pupils, earlier this year.



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