At Buglawton Primary School, we take a hands-on, investigative approach to Science.  We believe that children learn best and will remember what they learn from 'doing' and by carrying out experiments. It is important for children to test out theories and see what happens when things go wrong in order to develop their enquiring minds. We encourage our pupils to predict what they think will happen, test out theories, and then discuss their findings. 

During Science lessons, our pupils work in groups. This develops collaborative thinking and learning and enables children to take on a role within a team. At the end of each unit, children produce their own summary of their learning and complete a test to measure their scientific knowledge and understanding.

In Year 5, our groups of scientists are working on the topic 'Earth and Space'. They have investigated, explored, and explained what the heliocentric model is, the speed and distance of planets from the sun, and why we have day and night.

Year 1 have been growing their own plant from a bean. Can your child tell you the parts that they can see?

Scientists at Buglawton Primary School competed against pupils from other Congleton schools, to show Our World in a shoe box, jam jar, poster or factfile. These were fantastic!

In Science Club, children completed an experiment using Skittles.

In Year Two, Pupils have used the school grounds to observe different plants.

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