Why Reading?

Reading underpins much of the learning that children will encounter throughout their lives, from English and Phonics, to written Maths questions and their (eventual) driving theory test! Unlocking the key to reading opens up the world to children and this is why it is such a core learning experience for primary children.

Reading is made up of many elements – working out that letters (graphemes) make sounds; that sounds combine to make words; that words have meaning, and then understanding the intricate layers of meaning that can be inferred through these words!

Children love listening to story and being read to, and once they have the independent skill of reading this passion often transfers to a love of reading to themselves! Reading transports children to new worlds, inspires them, excites them, allows them to experience a wider world that is often inaccessible. This is why at Buglawton the development of reading is a core focus.


Reading at Buglawton

Due to its importance, we approach Reading through several domains at Buglawton. See below to find out more about our Reading learning opportunities:

Individual Readers and Bookbands

Supporting Reading at Home

Remote Reading During Lockdown


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