Trips & Residentials

Buglawton Primary School strongly believes in the value and benefits of giving its pupils the opportunity to learn outside of the school environment through trips and residential experiences.

Each term, each year group will have the opportunity to have a trip to further enhance their curriculum learning.

Examples of such trips are as follows:

Reception - Visit to the airport runway to develop an understanding of aircraft and transport

Year 1 - Visit to Llandudno to develop a better understanding of seaside towns and how they have developed geographically over time

Year 2 - Visit to Blists Hill to develop a better understanding of Victorian life

Year 3 - Visit to Tatton Park to develop a better understanding of the Stone Age

Year 4 - Visit to Chester to develop a better understanding of the Romans and their influence on Britain

Year 5 - Visit to Jodrell Bank to enhance their learning of space

Year 6 - Visit to Quarry Bank Mill to enhance their understanding of local history 


Buglawton Primary School believes that residential experiences help pupils to develop their character alongside enhancing curriculum learning.

In 2023-24, Year 2 pupils are visiting Delamere Forest, Year 3 and 4 pupils are visting Winmarleigh Hall where they will take part in a range of differnet activites and Year 5 and 6 will also experience an adventure packed trip to the Towers Activity Centre. 

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