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Buglawton's Big Eco Adventure!

We are very proud to have been successfully awarded our Green Flag  for our continued efforts to drive an eco-friendly ethos throughout Buglawton Primary School in July 2020. In order to achieve our Green Flag award we first had to successfully achieve our Bronze and Silver certifications. 

A Green Flag award is dependant on the successful implementation of the 'Seven Steps to Green Flag Success'. We endevour to ensure these seven steps form an essential part to our Buglawton Curriculum and daily life at our school. Our on going targets and  future actions can be found in our attached 'Action Plan' or you can find lots of further information on our Eco Display board outside our school office. 

Making a difference to pupils' lives...

"The Eco-Schools programme provides a unique opportunity that empowers pupils to lead change within their school and have a positive impact in their wider community. The programme encourages pupils of all ages and abilities to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness. Independent research into the Eco-Schools programme in England found evidence of the positive impacts on pupils, including increased confidence, development of leaderships skills, improved pupil well-being and behaviour and greater motivation at school".

Our Eco Activities: 

From September our children and staff have continued to drive our ‘eco mission’ forwards through various elements of our learning and curriculum. Children have participated in daily litter picks, daily mile exercise sessions and whole school eco assemblies from a green Greenpeace representitive, to name a few!

In Year 3 children spent their Spring Term looking at the Earth and how our actions impact our planet. The children learnt about different biomes, levels of the rainforest and the effects of plastic pollution. 


In Preschool and Reception the children spent their Spring Term enjoying lots of exciting outdoor learning opportunities from creating bug hotels to planting fruits and vegetables to bird watching and den building. 

But, not only have been working hard towards our green Flag award in school, we have continued to ‘go green’ at home. As part of our Summer Term children across the school have enjoyed participating in a 'Farm to Fork' week. This week saw some amazing examples of our ‘green fingers’ with lots of fresh produce being grown at home, fruit kebab creations and research of foods from around the world. 

Eco Council Representitives:

Our Eco Councillors can be spotted around school wearing their gold 'Eco Council' badges made entirely from 100% recycled plastic! If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for your Eco Council representitive to discuss at our future meetings, please pop over and have a chat. 

Year 1 - 

Year 2 - Ella Simpson

Year 3 - Sara Turner

Year 4 - Mhairi Fergusson 

Year 5 - 

Year 6 - Corey Kirkham, McKenzie Carruthers, and Jacob Jackson


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