Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Buglawton Primary School encompasses all core and foundation subjects and enables us to deliver high quality teaching and experiences for all of our children, allowing our motto to Be the best we can.

We have designed our curriculum so that children are given the opportunity to build knowledge, skills and understanding whilst learning in an engaging, thematic way. We believe that children learn best when they enjoy the topics, are given opportunities to be creative and work collaboratively.

Our aim is that all children are motivated to learn and become independent, confident, resourceful individuals who feel a sense of belonging to the school and community as well as ready to make a positive contribution to the wider world. We are aspirational for our children and we aim to engender a sense of personal pride in achievement and provide a purpose and relevance for learning. Through our curriculum, we want pupils to move on to high school with a strong sense of self and belief for their future.

Buglawton Primary School provides a highly inclusive environment where learners enjoy their education. All pupils are helped to achieve their potential through individual challenge, personalised curriculums, targeted support, learning at their own pace, using learning styles specific to individuals. Being so inclusive stems from having a sound knowledge of all pupils and from building strong relationships with families from the earliest stage.. Working together, we use our resources (internal and external) to meet the needs of all pupils and so that all feel the sense of belonging to Buglawton Primary School.  Further details on our inclusive curriculum that is accessible to all can be found in our SEND Policy and Accessibility Policy.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure coverage and progression. It is important that children have rich and diverse opportunities and a range of memorable experiences from which they learn and develop a range of knowledge and transferable skills. At the heart of our curriculum, we ensure children are literate through encouraging a love of reading, developing imagination, and vocabulary.

Our Bees to Success provide the basis for the way in which we expect the children to learn. We aim for children to:

  • Be resourceful and independent
  • Be determined and resilient
  • Be a co-operative team player
  • Be reflective
  • Be curious and inquisitive
  • Be ready and willing to learn

When our children move on to the next stage of their learning, we strive for them to have:

  • A passion for learning
  • A sense of individual achievement
  • Sound knowledge, skills, and understanding, transferrable to a range of situations
  • A wide range of vocabulary
  • A strong sense of self and emotional intelligence
  • A feeling of belonging to the school and the wider community
  • An understanding of how to keep themselves safe
  • Aspirations for themselves for the future
  • A sound knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical concepts
  • An understanding of how we impact the environment and how to make changes to improve the future
  • Creativity
  • Confidence to take risks in order to achieve and succeed
  • A firm set of values with a strong sense of moral purpose and respect for others
  • The desire to make a positive contribution
  • The ability to make healthy choices


Our Curriculum Implementation

By working with our families, we aim to create an aspirational school community in which everyone is valued and successes are celebrated. Leaders and staff will ensure that we:

  • Deliver an engaging and varied curriculum
  • Use high-quality texts and put knowledge into context to make learning more meaningful
  • Teach skills for life
  • Create quality learning environments in which children thrive and feel confident to take risks
  • Nurture all children and their emotional wellbeing
  • Build relationships with children and families to meet their needs
  • Listen to pupils and families and involve them in learning
  • Create opportunities for enrichment and first-hand experiences
  • Are inclusive, meeting the needs of all children and helping them reach their full potential
  • Build on previous knowledge and skills to provide a progressive curriculum
  • Equip children with the necessary knowledge and skills required
  • Inspire learners to have a love for learning
  • Teach children about the wider world and tolerance of others
  • Build a sense of belonging and community
  • Provide opportunities to contribute to the local and global community

Our Curriculum Overview shows how engaging topics are distributed across the year groups and where National Curriculum objectives are covered, along with opportunities for ‘hooks’, visits, workshops, and shared experiences with parents and carers. This document also shows where skills are taught and applied across foundation subjects.

We have identified our curriculum drivers which shape what and how we teach at Buglawton Primary School:

  • Our Bees to Success
  • Love of learning
  • Aspiration and desire to achieve
  • Sense of belonging
  • Emotional wellbeing

Teachers use our Curriculum Overview (Long term plan) to create Medium Term Plans which show what will be taught in each subject, based around which key text and how learning links together in a purposeful way. These are shared with parents and carers through our website and on display in classroom windows. Medium-term plans also show where the learning fits into the whole school curriculum, building on previous learning, and laying foundations for future learning in school. Children are involved at the medium-term planning stage, offering their ideas as well as questions they would like to find the answers to.  Short term plans are compiled that break down objectives into weekly or daily teaching.

Knowledge organisers are compiled for each topic, clearly showing the key facts and dates that the children are expected to know.

Teachers in the EYFS plan purposeful learning experiences based on the children’s interests and next steps, in line with Development Matters and EYFS guidelines and principles.

Our Curriculum Impact

The progression and effectiveness of the curriculum at Buglawton Primary School is monitored by staff and senior leaders through triangulation of observation of teaching, data analysis and book looks. Pupil and parent voice will also be considered when evaluating our curriculum annually.

Staff lead areas of the curriculum and contribute to the School Development Plan and School Evaluation Form.

Children are assessed by observation on a daily basis, this is used to inform the next steps. Pupils are also assessed at the end of each topic to check their knowledge and vocabulary.

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