Our Curriculum

At Buglawton Primary School, we have thought carefully about making sure our curriculum design is exciting and engaging for our children.

In the Early Years, learning is guided by the children's interests and topics change when the children are reading to move on.

In Years 1 to 6, children are taught in a cross-curricular way and topics are organised to ensure that children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum, teaching a wide range of progressive knowledge and skills.  Our staff have worked hard on a bespoke curriculum that ensures coverage of the National Curriculum alongside meeting the needs of our Buglawton learners.  Foundation subjects are taught as subjects rather than as topics to ensure that our pupils understand the subject areas and the specific skills and knowledge needed.

The objectives and coverage are taken from the different subject Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum 2014.

Below you will see the overviews of learning that takes place each term in each subject in each year group.  Further information about how we approach each subject at Buglawton Primary can be found on the individual subject pages.

Should you have any questions about our curriculum content then please contact our school office who will direct you to the appropriate subject leader: 01260 633080 or [email protected] 

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