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Our vision

At Buglawton, we believe that all children can achieve in Geography. We do not put ceilings on what children can achieve and we do not hold pre-conceptions about any children’s ability to make progress. Geography at Buglawton allows children to use their natural curiosity about the world to explore, appreciate and understand the world around them. Through enquiry-based learning, children are inspired to be fascinated and inquisitive to help them to build an understanding of human and physical processes and how they interconnect. By promoting a love of and appreciation of the environment around them, children at Buglawton develop their sense of responsibility and stewardship, developing their understanding of how the world impacts their lives and how their lives and choices impact the world. By starting with their immediate environment, children are given first-hand experiences to be able to question and investigate their most immediate and familiar environment before using and developing their geographical skills through the study of the wider world. They develop and build their geographical skills in both classroom and out and about in the real world during purposeful fieldwork opportunities. Our progressive curriculum aims to balance children’s core geographical knowledge with their sense of place, and aims to tackle stereotypes to help children to build a broad and balanced view of the world.

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