Children in our school LOVE reading! We have spent the last few years enhancing our opportunities for enjoying reading, and feedback from children is overwhelmingly positive! 

Free Read Friday

Every Friday, children get a Free Read session where they are encouraged to delve into the reading corner in their classroom. Children are welcome to individually read, share a book with a friend or a teacher; they can access picture books, magazines,  fact books - anything that takes their fancy! This session has really promoted book talk between the children. 

The School Library

We are so fortunate that in Autumn 22 we were given space to transform into a school library! The children have all spent some lesson time in here this year, and we have a lunchtime Library club available to all children across the week. Reading Ambassadors from UKS2 run the lunchtime library club, supporting younger children in choosing and reading texts, and keeping the library tidy! 


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Book Club

Every Friday our Book Club meet after school. We love getting involved in all things 'Bookie' - from extreme reading in our school grounds, to making recommendations to our school friends.

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