Class pages

We are delighted to be using Google Classroom as the key information source for all of our classes.

Please use the following links to access your child's class page:


Teacher: Miss Hornby & Mrs Rosson

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs. Hill & Mrs. Falato


Teacher: Mrs. Abraham 

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs. Heathcote

Year 1

Teacher: Miss Coen

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs Moss

Year 2

Teacher: Mrs. Masterson & Mrs. Rosson

Teaching Support Staff: Miss Henson

Year 3

Teacher: Mrs. Stamp & Mr. Pritchard

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs. Banks & Mrs. Griffiths

Year 4

Teacher: Mrs. Chapman

Teaching Support Staff: Miss Sheard, Mrs. Weatherby-Gocol, Mrs. Banks & Mrs. Thomas

Year 5

Teacher: Mrs. Kennedy

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs. Hancock

Year 6

Teacher: Mr. Ross

Teaching Support Staff: Mrs. Gear & Mrs. Weatherby-Gocol

To access your child's class page, you will need their Google Classroom Log-in (, which can be found in their school planner.

Please see below our curriculum coverage for each year group.

For more specific curriculum detail, please see the curriculum subject page for details.

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