Reading Lessons

In KS1 our Reading Lessons follow the FFT Shared Reading scheme, providing a smooth transition between FFT Phonics learning and our KS2 Reading. 

In KS2 our Reading lessons are underpinned by collaborative talk. Children work in partners discussing a range of prompts about a key text. Our Reading lessons consist of 5 key elements: 

  • Word Time  - unpicking key vocabulary that will be experienced this session. These can be unfamiliar words and phrases or tricky words.
  • Reading Time - listening to the adult / choral reading/ paired reading/ individual reading
  • Discussion Time - Children will discuss a question prompt about the text
  • Journal Time - Children collaborate in a journal to answer a question about the text
  • Comprehension Time- At least once a week, children will complete individual comprehension questions, usually linked to the whole class text being read. 

Texts covered range from narrative to non-fiction and poetry. See our coverage below: 


KS2 texts.png

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