Individual Reading

Individual Reading at Buglawton

A key element of our reading learning journey is children reading individual books at levels that are both accessible and of appropriate challenge. Throughout Buglawton, children will read books that are placed on our newly designed ‘Buglawton Book Band’ scheme.


Our books are designated specific Book Bands according to their reading ability and maturity levels - for example, our 'Black' level books have a level of maturity that we consider appropriate only for Years 5 and 6 pupils. We do not expect children to whizz through the Book Bands at a high speed, infact our focus is for children to both read and understand texts in detail. Children should keep their home reading books for at least 2 evenings, utilising extension ideas if the children have completed the book quickly. See our 'Supporting Reading At Home' section to see how you can promote excellent comprehension skills at home.


2020 saw us invest heavily in our selection of reading books, allowing children to read a wide range of authors, genres and book types within the same book band, whilst continuing to challenge both their decoding and comprehension skills. Children will therefore spend longer in some bookbands, but understand that this is in order to further develop important reading skills.

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