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Summer Term 2018!

Wow, this year is zooming by! 

This term sees us focusing on our topic ‘Rivers’… quite different to our Warrior-heavy year so far! We will be studying how rivers are formed, how they progress from source to sea, and we will enjoy exploring a range of different river examples, including our very own River Dane. 

See our topic overview page here: Rivers Topic Page

Together, the children have created their own Topic homework sheet. This homework is completely optional (my priority is that they complete Literacy and Maths homeworks!) so it is important that children choose something to complete for topic that they really enjoy. From art, to litter picking, to creating Youtube videos, the children came up with a huge range of ideas which you can find here: Rivers Homework

Our Trip to Quinta Forest School, June 27th 2018:

Week one

This week we began reading our new text, The Wind in the Willows. Children explored the fantastic language in the first few paragraphs and used this language to create their own poems. Wow, what a fantastic set of poems we produced! Some of them are up in the classroom and on our classroom windows, please have a read if you get time. 

In Maths, we are continuing to explore decimal numbers. This week we are discovering how single digit numbers can be divided by 10 and 100, creating a decimal number. For example, 7 divided by 10 = 0.7

In Topic, we have been thinking about what we already know, and putting familiar topic words into a personalised spider diagram about our existing knowledge. We have also completed a Topic front cover, using a range of arty skills such as threading, collage, and dotting drawing ink onto damp paper! 

Week two

This week in Literacy, the children were Mole! We had to get into the role by completing some drama on the playground, and imagining we were on a boat. We then wrote a short piece from Mole’s perspective about his first (wonderful) experience on a river. Children tried extremely hard to include our SPaG learning in their writing, with a range of subordinate clauses used across the class, and some gorgeous vocabulary! 

In Maths, we continue our decimal adventure, this week exploring hundredths in detail. Children have responded very well to the challenges set, and can now mostly identify and sequence numbers up to 2 decimals. 

In Topic, we have been looking in detail at the Topic words that we will be using regularly throughout the term. Words such as ‘estuary’, ‘mouth’, ‘tributary’ and ‘source’ have been unpicked, so children feel more confident using them and referring to them in their writing. Children have also used a sponge and paint to create a fantastic background for their topic vocabulary learning. 


Week three

Issie walked through the door this  morning and welcomed us with a wonderful Monday morning treat – a River themed cake! What wonderful home learning, and enjoyed by all of us too! Thanks Issie! 


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Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, and are all ready to zoom into Spring term! We have another busy term ahead, focusing on our new topic ‘Traders and Raiders’. This topic will see us explore the life of the Vikings, and how they invaded Anglo-Saxon England. You can see our topic overview here:    Traders and Raiders topic page



We will be using the text ‘Beowulf’, written by the fantastic author Michael Morpurgo, as a basis for much of our learning. This book is recommended for 7-9 year olds, however due to the nature of the Vikings, it is a little gruesome! Don’t worry, it has been well vetted by Mrs Stamp, and focus activities will be carefully chosen!

We will be focusing on identifying and using multiple clauses in sentences, and improving our use of punctuation, particularly the use of commas to mark clauses in sentences. Another area of focus is the correct use of tense – we currently have quite a lot of fluctuation between past and present tense, and this should be consistent in writing.

Image result for beowulf michael morpurgo



During this term, we will continue to master our use of written multiplication and division methods. Children should continue to practise their times tables at home as regularly as possible to help with this. Later in the term, we will be learning about area, fractions and decimals! (Tricky stuff!)



Thank you for your continuing support with homework. Most homework sent in is of a brilliant standard and this really impacts the progress seen in school. We will continue to send home literacy, maths and spellings on a weekly basis. We also expect children to read every night if possible, whether to a parent, grandparent, sibling, pet, or to themselves!

We will be sending home optional topic homework this term, which will be found both in books, and here: Viking Topic Homework

This is optional, and children can bring learning into school when completed.

Image result for homework







In the final week of the Spring term, Y3 and Y4 went on a 2 night residential to York. During our stay we visited Murton Park and lived like Vikings for a day, the National Railway Museum, Jorvik Dig, Jorvik Centre and York Minster. Here are some photos of our amazing trip.






Autumn term 2017


Welcome back to school, and welcome to Year Four!

Mrs Stamp teaches from Monday to Thursday, and Mrs Murray teaches on a Friday, supported by the fabulous Teaching Assistants Mrs Gear, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Sharples and Mrs Parry!

We begin our busy Year with the topic ‘I Am Warrior’, where we will be learning all about the Roman Empire and their invasion of Britain. On the 13th September we venture to Chester to explore the Roman museum, participate in a Roman workshop and (most excitingly!) march alongside a Roman Soldier!Image result for roman soldier

See our Topic Overview for more details on curriculum coverage.

I Am Warrior Topic Overview


In Literacy, we will be reading a Caroline Lawrence book called ‘The Thieves of Ostia’, and we will use this text to encourage our own Roman fiction. Caroline Lawrence writes a series of Roman fiction books which I would encourage you to take home and read! They are fab! (Currently my bedtime reading too…)

Image result for the thieves of ostia

We will also be using our Roman topic to inspire persuasive writing and the creation of playscripts, and hopefully to create some budding reporters during a newspaper unit.



During Maths we begin with a focus on Place Value, looking at the value of digits in 4 digit numbers; ordering and comparing numbers; rounding numbers; and to match our topic, Roman numerals!

Later in the term we will be focusing on addition and subtraction.



One of the most exciting parts of Year Four is your swimming lessons. We continue to swim on a Friday, so please bring your kit on this day! (Black swimming costume or trunks). We have one other PE session which is on a Tuesday afternoon.



Literacy, Numeracy & spelling homework will be set on a Friday and is due back the following Thursday.

This is an expectation of children in Year 4, and those who don’t complete at home may be asked to complete this during their school day. Image result for homework