Welcome to Year 6


Mrs Kennedy – Class Teacher

Mrs Diorazio – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Banks – Teaching Assistant


I’m very much looking forward to my third year at Buglawton and getting to know the new Year 6 children and their families. On this page you will find links to useful homework information, parent presentations and topic overviews. I will also share what activities we have been enjoying together as a class and some of our key whole school events.

September 2018

We start our first term with an exciting, interesting and reflective topic, covering World War 1 and World War 2:- 

‘Lest We Forget’

On 11th September, we will be joined in school by a Drama and Arts based company ‘Makers of History’ who will be providing a WW1 Centenary Workshop for us to get involved in. We will meet a WW1 Tommy soldier and a nurse, who will show us just what life was like throughout the Great War.



Our first Science topic is ‘Animals including humans’ within which we will be focussing on ‘The Human Body’. We will be exploring the ‘Circulatory System’ and finding out how our blood is transported around our bodies and the jobs of our vital organs. 


For the first two weeks, we will be concentrating on Place Value in our Maths lessons. This is the basis of all secure mathematical understanding so is a vital start to our preparations for Sats. There are some great games the pupils can play at home to help embed their knowledge and understanding on the following websites:-





We begin our Literacy work by looking at a text by Marcia Williams called ‘Archie’s War’.

You can view the trailer for this book on the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjQugoo2jdg. 

WW1 and WW2 are really interesting topic areas that can be shared with older family members and it is always great for the children to be able to share their family stories with the class, so please share your family memories about the wartime with them.


Week 1:

What a fabulous start to our year! The children have been a delight to spend learning time with – enthusiastic, helpful and curious. I have a great feeling about this year…

This week we have chosen new ‘buddies’ from Year 1 to help and support throughout the year. We spent some quality time with them, helping them create some beautiful artwork and listening to them read.



I will be choosing a member of year 6 each week to be our ‘Top Banana’! This will be judged on the overall behaviour, attitiude and work ethic shown throughout the week.

Frazer has been chosen as our first Top Banana – well deserved!!

A great start to Year 6 Frazer: mature attitude, enthusiasm in class and friendly and polite – keep it up!!

Week 2:

Our WW1 workshop on Tuesday was great fun and a fantastic learning experience. We used drama to re-enact how WW1 began, learnt about 1st aid in the Great War, handled artifacts, discussed the role and struggle of being a concientious objector and put on our own play called ‘Tommy goes to War!’


We also took part in an exciting and practical science investigation this week for our topic all about The Circulatory System.
To learn more about the functions of the heart and how this amazing muscle pumps blood all around our bodies, we disected a sheep’s heart – observing, photographing and labelling all the major parts of the organ.


This week’s TOP BANANA was awarded to Lily – an all round amazing pupil!


Week 3:

This week the headmaster from Eaton Bank High School came to visit us and had a chat with Year 6 about life in Year 7 and beyond. This was a very interesting talk which excited and inspired the pupils.

As part of our topic and English work, we have been learning about life in the trenches in WW1 and how letters from home were such an important part of soldiers lives. After reading a letter from a soldier (Uncle Teddy), we wrote back to Teddy, telling him all about life in England over the Christmas of 1915. The pupils produced some wonderfully decriptive and emotional responses which showed all their knowledge of war time Britain.


The Top Banana award this week has been given to Demi – who, like Lily, is a fantastic role model for our class – well done Demi!

Week 4:




And our Top Banana this week was given to Danny Newman. This was for the sportsmanship, loyalty, co-operation and fairness shown throughout our PE lessons. Thank you Danny for the fantastic model to show others.

Week 5:

This week we have spent some of our Literacy and Topic time researching one of the most famous WW1 poets – Wilfred Owen. His short but fascinating life was amazing to learn about and he wrote some of the most powerful, honest and emotional accounts of soldiers’ experiences in the trenches.




Oscar has had the most fabulous week! Great attitude and enthusiasm – keep it up!! Top Banana was well deserved.


Week 8:

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that we are at the end of our first half term! What a lot of exciting learning opportunities we have had in this first eight weeks of Year 6.

This week we have celebrated harvest and spent time thinking about how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world, to have food on our tables and clean water in our taps.

Lots of food was donated by our genorous school family ths week and Year 6 had the opportunity to deliver hampers to some of the residents of Buglawton who may find it difficult to get to the shops and do not have family around to help them. Also, I was very proud of my Year 6 children who represented the school fantastically at our Harvest Service in St John’s Church. Well done!

Image result for harvest food hampers

On Thursday this week, Year 6 and their buddies from Year 1 joined together for a joint Science lesson. They were investigating the question – What is the problem with sugar?
After researching, they designed various activities including: showing how much added sugar is in popular snacks, food sorting games, a snack survey, creating healthier snack options and tasting sessions of fruit kebabs and seed and berry pick and mix.
These activities were then shown to visiting classes as a science fair.
Hopefully this exciting afternoon will encourage everyone to think a bit more about how much sugar we eat everyday and whether we want to find ways of reducing it.

Have a restful and safe half term holiday everyone! 

Autumn 2 Half-term

Week 1:

Welcome back to eveyone and I look forward to another brilliant term’s work.

I can’t believe that we are on a few weeks away from Christmas! But we have so much amazing learning to look forward to before our next break.


Our next few weeks will be based around a fabulous book that we have read together as a class. It tells the story of Olive who, with her younger brother Cliff, gets evacuated to Devon and stays in a Lighthouse. There they have to solve the mystery of the missing Sukie, make new friends, help rescue refugees and much more….


We will be spending most of our maths work this term working on the topic of ‘Fractions’.

This week we have learnt how to add and subtract fractions when the denominators are different. Practice finding a common denominator at home…..

Image result for fraction common denominator

Our first TOP BANANA for this term is ALEXIA!! This was because of an amazing half term homework project all about Life in the Trenches in WW1. It was inspiring – well done Alexia.



As part of our topic work and to join in with the whole country marking the very special 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1, we walked to Congleton War Memorial on Monday to lay our class wreath and meet with a member of the British Legion.

We also looked at the statues of Treo (the sniffer dog) and George Eardley who both contributed hugely to keeping Britain safe.

I was extremely proud of all the Year 6 pupils, who represented Buglawton fantastically with their respect, interest and politeness on our trip.


Top banana this week goes to Lottie who is just an all round model pupil!! A fantastic role model for us all – well done Lottie!

Week 3:

In literacy this week I have enjoyed watching the children create some fantastic drama based around our book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’. They re-enacted the train journey as Olive and Cliff were being evacuated from London to Devon. There they meet Esther Jenkins for the first time.

We discussed how a story can change depending on whose perspective we see it from.

In science this week we investigated how a battery works for our ‘Electricty’ topic. the children got the chance to make their own battery and light up a LED light.




    Week 4: 

We all had to work very hard this week as it was ASSESSMENT week!!

It is amazing to see just how much progress all the children have made since September. Well done everyone!

After all our tests, it was nice to spend some time with our friends from Year 4 for a joint Science lesson as both classes are learning about Electricity this term.

We managed to make some Christmas cards and use LED lights, spinners and buzzers to decorate them.

TOP BANANA this week goes to Liam. He is a great role model for all the boys and I’m proud to have him in my class. Well done Liam!

Week 5:

This week was our last week for our ‘Lest We Forget’ topic. The children reflected back over what they have learnt and commented that they all really enjoyed the topic and have expanded their knowledge of WW1 and WW2 vastly.

On Thursday, we invited family and friends to our VE Day party where we shared authentic WW2 food, shared our experiences and sung songs. It was a fabulous afternoon and a great ending to our topic.


Week 6:


This week we have started to read our new class book, which will be a perfect fit for our new topic for the New Year – ‘The World’s Your Oyster’.

It is a fabulously exciting adventure story of a boy called Michael who, at the age of 12 years old, gets shipwreaked and has to survive on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

He is hungary, scared and vulnerable – until he wakes one morning and there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water.

He is not alone…





Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to all my wonderful Year 6 pupils!

A new term with lots of exciting new topics to look forward to.



Our new topic of ‘The World’s Your Oyster’ has started and we have been looking at our amazing world and all the exciting countries that it is made up from. 

We all located on the world map which countries we had visited and thought about where we would like to travel to.


Our top banana this week goes to Thomas. This is really well deserved as Thomas has come back to the new year with an amazing attitude – keep it up!



This week the children were invited to attend a ‘book tasting’ event. The children had the opportunity to explore new genres and authors they may not have been familiar with. Hopefully, we have all managed to find a new book to enjoy over the next few weeks.


Image result for world book day

We all enjoyed world book day on 7th March.

Well done to Preston and Scarlet who were chosen for best dressed in Year 6.


11th March 2019


Kaden, Liam, Maizie and Georgia represented Buglawton today in the Congleton Swimming Gala.

An amazing result for the boys team who came 1st in Congleton out of 10 teams! All our Year 6 pupils swam in the final of their races so we certainly had a very strong team.

Well done everyone!!!


April 2019

This months we have been working really hard to prepare ourselves for our Sats tests as well as finishing our ‘The World’s Your Oyster’ topic and our ‘Evolution and Inheritence’ Science topic.

Well done to all our recent Top Bananas who have shone in our classroom and around the school.

Have a lovely Easter break!!!