Welcome to Year 6


Mrs Kennedy – Class Teacher

Mrs Diorazio – Teaching Assistant 


I’m very much looking forward to my second year at Buglawton and getting to know the new Year 6 children and their families. On this page you will find links to useful homework information, parent presentations and topic overviews. I will also share what activities we have been enjoying together as a class and some of our key whole school events.

September 2017

We start our first term with an exciting, interesting and reflective topic, covering World War 1 and World War 2:- 

‘Lest We Forget’

On 12th September, we will be joined in school by a Drama and Arts based company ‘Makers of History’ who will be providing a WW1 Centenary Workshop for us to get involved in. We will meet a WW1 Tommy soldier and a nurse, who will show us just what life was like throughout the Great War.



Our first Science topic is ‘Animals including humans’ within which we will be focussing on ‘The Human Body’. We will be exploring the ‘Circulatory System’ and finding out how our blood is transported around our bodies and the jobs of our vital organs. 


For the first two weeks, we will be concentrating on Place Value in our Maths lessons. This is the basis of all secure mathematical understanding so is a vital start to our preparations for Sats. There are some great games the pupils can play at home to help embed their knowledge and understanding on the following websites:-





We begin our Literacy work by looking at a text by Marcia Williams called ‘Archie’s War’.

You can view the trailer for this book on the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjQugoo2jdg. 

WW1 and WW2 are really interesting topic areas that can be shared with older family members and it is always great for the children to be able to share their family stories with the class, so please share your family memories about the wartime with them.


Week 1:

What a fabulous start to our year! The children have been a delight to spend learning time with – enthusiastic, helpful and curious. I have a great feeling about this year…

This week we have chosen new ‘buddies’ from Year 1 to help and support throughout the year. We spent some quality time with them, helping them create some beautiful artwork and listening to them read.


I will be choosing a member of year 6 each week to be our ‘Top Banana’! This will be judged on the overall behaviour, attitiude and work ethic shown throughout the week.

Well done to Anousha who is the first member of Year 6 to be chosen – Anousha has worked so hard in her first week and has been a great role model to her Year 1 Buddy.

Week 2:

Today (Tuesday) we have been delighted to welcome Private Jack and Nurse Alice to our classroom. It has been a fantastic day – packed full with creative, fun and practical ways to enrich our learning of The Great War.


This weeks Top Banana went to Chiara for her help, enthusiasm and friendliness around the classroom, playground and school. Well done!

Week 3:

As part of our WW1 topic, Lest we Forget, we were lucky enough to have Robbie’s mum visit our classroom this week to show us some original artifacts from WW1. Robbie’s Great Grandad was the only member of his battalion to survive the The Great War and Robbie’s family now have the priviledge of owning a granade, a bayonet and his medals and diary. Thanks very much to Robbie and his family for sharing this exciting and moving family story.



We have also been reflecting on the subject of World Peace today – as the 21st Sept is International World Peace Day. We looked at many synoyms of the word PEACE, created a wreath our of our handprints and drew some doves (the symbol of peace) to create a beautiful piece of shared art.

Finally on Friday we were thinking about healthier lifestyle choices with the help of Hula Nation and a couple of bikes!! Exercise and healthy eating were combined when we made fruit smoothies with pedal power! A really fun, fruity, friday afternoon 

This week’s Top Banana goes to Dougie – a great role model who always gives 100% effort to all he does! Well done!

Week 4:

In science this week we have being learning about the human circulatory system. We each took specific roles in the process and practically saw how our blood is transported around our bodies and the important jobs the red blood cells have in keeping us alive.

We also had a visit from The Houses of Parliament Team, who delivered an assembly about their role in the democratic system of Britain. We then enjoyed a workshop in which we all developed our debating skills as we discussed the question – ‘Should children have their time spent on electronic gadgets limited?’ 

Some back benchers in the making perhaps?


Congratulations to our Top Banana this week – Lily!!! This was nominated for such a fantastic contribution to our Drama work, based on the story of Anne Frank. Well done 

Week 5:

We have moved onto out new topic in Maths this week – and are learning the long, formal methods of multiplication and division. I think a few brains have been feeling stretched and sore, but everyone has been determined and resilient, and this positive attitude is paying off. Well done Year 6 

We all enjoyed our Science afternoon this week – as we got the chance to make blood!

Discovering the different componants which make up our blood and what purpose they all have, in a really practical and messy way, resulted in some fantastic, scientific understanding – and a lot of tidying up!


This week’s Top Banana has been given to Maddy. She is always a pleasure to be around and makes our classroom a brighter place 

Week 6:

In our Topic work this week, we were pleased to be given an original WW1 artifact to look at and learn from, from Mrs Thomas. It was a Memorial Plaque, engraved with her Great, Great Uncle (in law)’s name – Owen Thomas. We researched the history of Memorial Plaques and found out that the Government decided to make an individual plaque for the next of kin of every serviceman who died in WW1. They became known as ‘Death Plaques’.

We made a rubbing of the plaque and designed and printed a medal to go with it, as part of our Design and Technology work.

Well done to Logan – this week’s Top Banana. Fantastic attitude in class.


Week 7:

Well, we have made it through our first half term!

The new Year 6 children have all made a fantastic start to their final year – they have been exciting, enthusiastic, committed and motivated. Long may this continue……

Our final TOP BANANA for this half term is Maisie! Her committment and enthusiasm for our WW1 poetry topic has been fantastic and truely inspirational – well done Maisie!!!

BBC Buglawton News Reports

This year we will be developing our Presenting and Computing skills by creating news reports of the events that take place within school.

Check out our latest BBC Buglawton News report on our Harvest Celebrations…..


Welcome back to our second Autumn term


This term we will be moving onto WW2 for our topic work and will have the chance to learn more about the importance of Remembrance Day by making and presenting our own wreath at the Congleton Memorial Park.

We will also be visiting Stockport Air Raid Shelter to learn about life at the time of the Blitz in Britain.




In Science, we have moved onto our second topic of Evolution and Inheritance. This week we have looked at inherited traits in humans and other animals and have become ‘selective dog breeders’ to create new breeds of dogs which have particular traits.

I wonder whether the ‘Collieguese’ or the ‘Malpug will ever be seen in great numbers???

TOP BANANA this week goes to Lily Mae – an all rounder who always shines in class! Well done Mae!!


On a more reflective note…………….. this week we have created a whole class wreath to present on Thursday when we visit Congleton War Memorial. Lest We Forget………..

Week 2:

On Thursday this week we walked into Congleton to visit the War Memorial. We layed our hand made wreath and reflected on the importance of remembering and honouring all the men and women who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.

We also looked at the statue of George Eardley, who was a Congleton man who was presented with the Victoria Cross for his service in WW1.


TOP BANANA this week goes to Tyler – who always has great determination to produce his best work. Believe in yourself Tyler because you are making fantastic progress!!

Week 3:

On Monday Year 6 were shocked to hear an air raid siren just before their Literacy lesson about ‘Life in the Blitz!’ They had to quickly make their way into the air raid public shelter and resume their learning in the dark, amidst the sound of bomb blasts outside!


Ethan is this week’s TOP BANANA which was SO well deserved, as he was nominated twice by 2 different classes for ‘Buddy of the Week’ for being such a kind, funny and thoughtful friend – well done Ethan!

Week 4:

In science this week, we have recreated the process of forming fossils – speeded up by a few billion years! – and are now waiting for the 3D moulds of various insects and animals to be hardened into stone. We will be using palaeontologist’s skills to dig them up next week.

We are sorry to say goodbye to Wyatt this week who is leaving Buglawton. We all will miss him and wish him all the best luck for his next school.

Week 5:

Our fossils were dug up this week and the Year 6 pupils made fantastic skillful and patient paeleontologists, using tools to uncover their fossils. What a fascinating science investigation!

We also experimented in Art and learnt the new skill of Japanese Marbling. The results were absolutely beautiful……..

And this week’s Top Banana goes to Matthew for having such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to school life this week – a great example of making sure you get the best out of each and every day! Well done Matthew!!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for…….. our next roving report from BBC Buglawton! A report on Friendship week.


Finlay is out latest Top Banana – for being such a great positive personality in our class. Well done Finlay!!

This week we made cookies and Christmas cards to wish the local elderly residents a Happy Christmas from Buglawton School. The community were really pleased to be thought about at this special time of year and I felt extremely proud of all the Year 6 pupils who represented our school fantastically!


Happy New Year!

I’m really excited about starting our new term and looking forward to us starting our new topics.


We will start by looking at our place in the world here in Congleton, with some exploration of our local area and a visit to the museum. We will then widen our exploration by learning more about some of the amazing cultures and religions that make up our wonderful world.

Hopefully, we will get inspired to explore our world on 16th January, when we will be visited by Christopher Columbus for a drama, history and geography based workshop day in school.

In English, we will be enjoying reading together the adventure story ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ by Lemony Snicket and eventually writing a new adventure for the Beaudulaire children to be part of.

A great first week back – well done Year 6 for all returning back to school refreshed and raring to go!

Our first science lesson was interesting and practical. We investiagted whether changes to materials were reversable or irreversable and whether this was caused by chemical or physical changes.

I wonder what materials you have in your house that change in ways that are either reversable or not?


And our first worthy winner of the special Top Banana award for 2018 goes to ……………………………ADAM!!!!! A massive postitive attitude change from Adam over the last few weeks which has been commented on by lots of staff around the school, including Mr Mollard.

Well done Adam, keep it up!!

Week 2:

On Tuesday, Year 6’s new topic kicked off in style with a drama based workshop all about the life of Christopher Columbus! It was a great day and we all learnt so much through history, geography, drama, teamwork, speaking and listening activities.

We also had fun in our practical science investigation. In order to think more about chemical changes in materials, we decided to have a go at making cheese to see first hand the chemical change that happens when vinegar is added to milk. I think the jury is still out on the taste though………………..


Lucia is our new Top Banana this week – she brightens up my classroom every day with her positive and fun outlook on life! Thanks Lucia 

Week 3:

This week we used our imaginations to put ourselves into the shoes of 26 daring and adventurous men who set off on an exciting but perilous journey to Antartica in 1915 with their Captain – Sir Earnest Shackleton. 

We re-enacted the key events of the expedition and took freeze frame images of the drama as it unfolded.


In Mathematics, we have been looking at Geometry – including the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. After identifying and creating nets of various 3D shapes, we produced models of cubes, cuboids, prisms, pyramids…..to name but a few. We didn’t quite manage a sphere though 

Out topic work is fantastic this term and the Year 6’s are building up a vast range of tecniques to help them present their work in creative and exciting ways. This week, we have looked at the geographical differences between human and physical structures and landmarks throughout the world. We used Atlases, co-ordinate points and compasses to plot the man-made and natural landmarks onto a world map.

TOP BANANA this week goes to Jessica. No-one could quite believe Jessica hadn’t already achieved this honour because she is always such an amazing pupil – but her hard work and great attitude has not gone unnoticed and I am proud to give her this award this week. Well done Jessica!!!

Week 4:

This week we finished our work on the amazing story of ICE TRAP by writing descriptive and emotive diary entries. We imagined we were crew members on the Endurance ship and that we were stuck on the ice as she was beginning to sink. We used personification and metaphor to really bring the adventure to life – they were fantastic!

This week’s Top Banana is Chloe. She is always so positive, helpful and enthusiastic in our classroom – well done Chloe!

Week 5:

This week Year 6 have got messy in Science when we made slime! We discovered that it is a cross-linked polymer made by a chemical change so it is an irreversible reaction.

I’m still cleaning our sink out now 

In Literacy we have moved onto looking at another superb, quality text – The Hobbit by J R R Tolkein.

Looking at the techniques of persuasive language, we wrote a personal advertisement in The Hobbiton Times to persuade Bilbo to take up the challenge and agree to go on the quest for the ring.


Our new Top Banana has been crowned as Joshua! This award was recommended by Mrs Diorazio who has noticed Josh working super hard recently and also supporting his friends by explaining his understanding to them. Well done Josh – keep it up!

Week 6:

We have finished the Year 6 Maths Curriculum this week, which leaves us enough time to go over all the topics again to ensure our understanding and application is secure for the Sats tests in May. Well done to all Year 6 for working so hard since September  !!

Our final topic has been ALGEBRA and we have been using letters within formulae to represent missing information.


Spring Term 2

We have a short half term coming up with only 5 weeks of learning before the Easter break. However, we will be certainly packing a lot into these coming weeks and have lots of exciting lessons and activities planned.

In Literacy, our first piece of independent writing will be inspired by our new Science topic of Light and Shadows. We will be discussing how the dark makes us feel; how ordinary objects can look different in the dark, what shadows they can create and how our imaginations can sometimes alter our perceptions of them.

This will lead us into writing a suspense story about a night in the dark….


Within our Science topic, we will discover how we see, how light travels, how important reflection is to our every day lives and what fun can be had with shadows.



Week 1:

After a great start back, the ‘Beast from the East’ has made the weather conditions beautiful, exciting but, unfortunately, a bit difficult to manage! The decision has been made to close the school today (Thursday).

I have sent the Year 6 children home with some Sats preparation work to keep them occupied today.

Please enjoy the ‘Snow Day’, have fun and keep safe – but please spend an hour or so on your work too.


Congleton Park

Week 2:

This week we have been discussing our nightmares with eachother and the things that make us frightened at night. 

Linked in with our science work, we have looked at how light sources can change the size of shadows and how that can sometimes lead to our everyday objects looking different and sometimes scary when we are in our beds!

The Year 6 children have written some fantastic suspence poems describing what the objects in their rooms become ‘In the darkness…’

Our science invetigation allowed the children to use their skills of fair testing to investigate what happens to shadows if the light source is moved closer or further away…

Top Banana this week goes to Maisie. Maisie has missed a number of days due to illness, but she has done her very best to catch up since her return – even taking extra work home to complete her work. A fantastic attitude! Well done Maisie 

The Summer Term!

We have returned from our Easter break and the sun has finally arrived……

We our now on our final preparations for the Sats which are only 4 weeks away!!

All the hard work which all the Year 6 pupils have put in since September is going to be put to the test with a chance to show how much knowledge and skills primary school has given you.

Our final topic has started this week…..

Image result for crime and punishmentcrime and punishment topic web 2018

I’m sure we are all going to enjoy learning more about how our police and legal services work to help ensure we are kept safe in our neighbourhoods.

You can see our Crime and Punishment Planning Topic Web in more detail below:-

crime and punishment topic web 2018


Our Science topic has also changed to ‘Forces’ and next week we will be challenging each other to design and make a parachute that will keep an egg safe from cracking on landing.

Image result for parachute landing an egg

Well done to Isobel this week – she has been chosen as the ‘Top Banana’ for a super attitude in school, well done!!!

Week 2:

As promised, this week in Science the Year 6 pupils were challenged to design and make a parachute that could safely land an egg!

Some extremely creative, innovative and scientific designs were constructed – with successful outcomes for 2 out of the 5 groups.

Top Banana for this week is very well deserved – Izzy is a superstar and a very popular choice for our weekly award, well done Izzy!!!

Good luck to all my amazing year 6 pupils next week, as they try their hardest in their Mock Sats Week!!!

Week 4:

The children worked really hard last week and we are feeling confident that we can all do the best we can do in our Sats.

After a gloriously sunny bank holiday weekend we have had a calm and relaxed 4-day week in preparation for the testing next week.

We have read the horror novel ‘Frankenstein’ this week and had a thoughtful and interesting discusssion about whether the Scientist ‘Frankenstein’ was the real monster in this disturbing tale.


We also learnt more about how the Police Servive analyse crime and took our own Photo Fits to learn about the importance of observation skills in solving crimes.



Good Luck next week to all my amazing pupils – SMASH IT!!!!


Wow! I can’t believe another year has passed. I will miss all the pupils who have left in 2018. Good luck to you all and remember to come back to Buglawton to let us know how you are getting on in High School!


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Meet The Teacher Presentation 2017 –

Year 6 Learn Its (can be found on page 127 of the school planner): 















Year 6 Spelling Words (can be found on page 108 of the school planner):


All Year 6 children will be given their own Maths and Spag workbooks. They will be asked to complete various exercises weekly which will help to consolidate the learning throughout the week. Please feel free to ask for support if needed.

The homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday. We will mark this work together in class.

The children will also be given 10 spellings to learn each week. These will be given out on a Monday and tested the following Monday.