Welcome to Reception


Welcome to the Reception class page. Mrs Bonell is the class teacher and Mr Billington and Miss Weatherby are the teaching assistants. There are 30 children in our reception class and we have a great time learning in our play-based learning environment. The classroom has the following areas: writing, creative, role play, construction, small world, investigation, reading, Technology, finger gym, phonics and playdough. We also have an outdoor area where we can build, investigate, run, ride bikes, dig and perform.

In the reception class, we learn maths and phonics every day as a whole class which are followed by small group personalised teaching sessions. We also learn lots of other things through topics which we choose together. based on our interests.

All children have a planner which goes home every day. This is a communication tool between school and home, providing space for messages to be passed on and a record of when reading has taken place to be made. In reception each child is heard reading twice a week. We also learn ‘tricky words’ which are words we will need to recognise in books. These are added to each Thursday.

We experience a broad and balanced curriculum based on the learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage – Physical, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Please go to: tapestryjournal.com  to access your child’s learning journey. User names and passwords will be sent out shortly.

PE takes place on Monday. Remember to have your PE kit in school every day. We have shared reading with parents every Friday morning so please come along and share books until 9am. Wellies are needed in school every day for the outdoor area but especially for Welly Walking Wednesdays!

Mrs Bonell will be at the classroom door before and after school every day so please do not hesitate to come and ask any questions!

If you were unable to make it to the Meet the Teacher meeting please have a look at the below presentation.


This Week in Reception

Autumn Term 2

We can’t wait to start this exciting, and busy, half term. I hope you have all had a lovely week off and have had chance to have some very precious family time. The children have chosen The Magic Sky book which has inspired their topic for this half term. We will be learning to retell the story, find out about about polar animals as well as completing some wintery crafts later on in the term in preparation for Christmas. If you have anything at home that might help us with our learning eg. books, photos, posters then please do bring them in. They would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

Week 1:

Well what a settled start back to our half term! It’s going to be a busy one as ever but the children have showed me they are ready for it. Thank you so much for all the work you have put in over the holidays. So many children have come back really pleased to show us they can write their name, count to 20 and use their sounding out for writing. These things don’t just happen so thank you for all your hard work. Lots happening this term so please do keep an eye out for extra information over the next few weeks. Thank you! Check out the topic plans at the bottom of the page as it will give you a rough outline of what we will be covering this half term.

Newsletter 6.11.18 

Week 2:

A great first week back last week and the children can’t wait to start learning all about ‘The Magic Sky’ written by Lucy Richards. We will be learning more about the Northern Lights, which is what the story about, this week as well as finding out about arctic animals. Thank you to all those who have brought in something for our ‘bring and buy’ sale on Friday for Children in Need. Any cake donations to sell on the day would be greatly appreciated also. The children are allowed to come in non-school uniform with a donation of £1 and they may want a little extra money to buy a cake or something from the sale. Thank you!

Newsletter 12.11.18

Autumn Term 1

During the Autumn Term we will be exploring Dinosaurs and Me as our topic. We will have fun getting to know each other and settling into our environment. We will also be looking at lots of dinosaurs comparing, noticing similarities as well as finding out lots of facts so take a look at our topic web below that details the all the possible activities we will cover. 

Week 1: 

Firstly, I would like to say a massive well done to Reception class for settling in brilliantly on their first week at school. I was thrilled to see lots of happy faces on the first day! It has been a busy week this week so expect early bedtimes. We have slipped into normal routine straight away by doing our first PE session and Phonic session. All children have done really well at sitting and listening so far, so keep it up!

Newsletter 10.9.18

Week 2:

Reception are really starting to settle in well and get into the swing of things: putting their book bags in the correct boxes and putting their names in the registration baskets independently. With the colder weather coming it would be great if you encourage your child to put their own coats on themselves and even tackle those fiddly buttons and zips as we will start to encourage this more and more in school. Many thanks for your support. Finally, we had a visitor on Thursday who provided a dental playbox workshop. The children got to dress up, play with pretend dental equipment and really learn some fantastic knowledge about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy. 

Newsletter 17.9.18

Week 3: 

A busy, busy week this week with lots of new learning. If you could still bring in some of your autumn finds that would be great as we are making little creatures using the autumnal resources. Thank you! We have teamed up with our year 5 buddies this afternoon and completed a little art project together. We have had a picture together and this will go on display in the cloakroom so that children can get used to who they are. Ask them about them at home and see what they have learnt about each other so far.

Newsletter 24.9.18

Week 4:

Wow! We are half way through the first half term and the children are doing so well. I am so pleased with all the routines and rules they have got to grips with and so quickly. Thank you also to you parents and grown-ups for your support! We really can’t make this wonderful learning journey happen without you. We really do love to hear about what they have been achieving at home whether it be through you writing in learning diaries or sharing their amazing learning on proud clouds. Thanks again!

Newsletter 1.10.18

Week 5:

Another busy week trying to track down our missing dinosaur which hatched on Monday and has been missing ever since. The children did some fantastic MISSING posters asking everyone to keep their eyes peeled. This week we will be writing signs to help us with finding our baby dinosaur.

A little plea… does anybody have some large rope netting we could have please? It would be much appreciated for our display work and den making kit. Thank you.

Newsletter 8.10.18

Week 6:

Reception were superstars last week and really thought about what we need to be a kind friend. They have been celebrating each other’s success, saying kinds things and trying hard to play games that include everyone. From our observations they were really interested in writing little signs last week and have really made lots of progress with their phonics. Well done team Reception! A BIG thank you goes to Morgan’s daddy who was able to donate a giant net for our display work and den making kit.

Newsletter 15.10.18

Week 7:

Well a half term done in Reception and what a super team we have made! All children have truly got to grips with our routines and rules and are ensuring others are following too. We have learnt lots about each other, made new friends and learnt a few sounds and numbers along the way. Super job! Thank you also to you parents and grown-ups for your support. We really can’t make this wonderful learning journey happen without you. Well done!

Newsletter 22.10.18