Welcome to Reception


Welcome to the Reception class page. Mrs Bonell is the class teacher and Mrs Heathcote is the teaching assistant. There are 30 children in our reception class and we have a great time learning in our play-based learning environment. The classroom has the following areas: writing, creative, role play, construction, small world, investigation, reading, Technology, finger gym, phonics and playdough. We also have an outdoor area where we can build, investigate, run, ride bikes, dig and perform.

In the reception class, we learn maths and phonics every day as a whole class which are followed by small group personalised teaching sessions. We also learn lots of other things through topics which we choose together. based on our interests.

All children have a planner which goes home every day. This is a communication tool between school and home, providing space for messages to be passed on and a record of when reading has taken place to be made. In reception each child is heard reading twice a week. We also learn ‘tricky words’ which are words we will need to recognise in books. These are added to each Thursday.

We experience a broad and balanced curriculum based on the learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage – Physical, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Please go to: tapestryjournal.com  to access your child’s learning journey. User names and passwords will be sent out shortly.

PE takes place on Monday. Remember to have your PE kit in school every day. Wellies are needed in school every day for the outdoor area but especially for Welly Walking Wednesdays!

Mrs Bonell will be at the classroom door before and after school every day so please do not hesitate to come and ask any questions!

If you were unable to make it to the Meet the Teacher meeting please have a look at the below presentation.


This Week in Reception

Summer Term 2

Week 1:

Welcome back to the Summer term and the last half term your child will be in Reception! Can you believe how fast that year has gone? I just want to say they have made so much progress in so many areas and I know this last half term will be action packed and fast paced so let’s enjoy it while we can! The children have chosen the topic ‘Under the Sea’ for their last half term and are really excited to get started. If you have anything that you think will aid our learning in this topic, then please do bring them in as they would be greatly appreciated. A small request: Could each child bring in a shoe box to create their own underwater world/habitat ready for next week please? If they all could be in by Wednesday 5th then that would be great. Thank you!

Newsletter 03.06.19

Week 2:

Well the children have really enjoyed their first week learning about their new topic ‘Under the Sea’. It’s great to hear that lots of you have been listening to your child tell you different facts that we have found out. Please do keep adding to your child’s tapestry if there’s anything you have noticed that they haven’t done before as all this is evidence to build a well-rounded picture of your child’s learning. Thank you to those of you who have added bits already. I love reading about all their different achievements. Thanks to all of you who brought in shoe boxes. We will be using them this week. Another plea… if you have any empty egg boxes at home then please could you bring them in for us to use for some more sea creature creations. Thank you! Lots of dates have been added to the ‘dates for your diary section on the newsletter so be sure to check them as well as the main school newsletter for activities that might be going on for the whole school.

Newsletter 10.06.19

Week 3:

Another great week last week. The children have really enjoyed planning their underwater habitats and they are really excited to start making them this week. Thank you to all of you who brought in shoe boxes, egg boxes and the toy donations on Friday. We do really appreciate your support. Keep a look out for dates for your diary as it is starting to get very busy over the next few weeks. Thanks!

Newsletter 17.06.19

Week 4:

Another busy one this week involving lots of making. Children will explore different materials to see what would be good materials to use when making a boat that floats. We have already seen some great designs. In true British style the weather is a little unpredictable at the moment so could you please ensure your child has a coat in school? Thank you.

Newsletter 24.06.19

Week 5:

What a great sports day. Well done to everyone and well done to Blue team who won the whole event!

Week 6:

The children did brilliantly in their sports day last week. They have certainly practised really hard over the last few weeks to ensure they were ready for it. Everyone tried really hard to have a go and keep on trying. It was great to see so many of you turn out to support your child. Thank you!

As part of our whole class reward Reception have chosen that they would like to have some water fun. On Wednesday 17th July, in the afternoon and if it is hot, we plan to have a water fight. Children will be allowed to bring in water pistols etc. Please could your child come dressed in their school uniform and then bring in some spare clothes and swim stuff (to wear underneath) that they can get changed into in the afternoon that you don’t mind getting wet. They will also need to bring in a towel. Any questions then please come and see me.

Newsletter 08.07.19

Summer Term 1

Week 1:

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and got to spend some time with family. Welcome back to the new Summer term! The children are really excited to be learning about their new topic ‘Once Upon a Time…’ We will be looking at different tradition fairy tales such as: The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will be hoping to focus on one story each week and all our other areas of learning will be based around these stories. Even though it’s a short term it will be a busy one so keep up to date with our class newsletter to find out what’s happening in class as well as checking the school newsletter for whole school news.

Newsletter 23.04.19

Week 2:

The children have settled back into Reception really well and have enjoyed showing Mrs Heathcote all our systems and routines. Lots of children completed their phonic checks last week and have shown real progress since the last time so well done! This week we will be focusing on the story Three Billy Goats Gruff as the children have been particularly interested in designing and building bridges. Finally, if your child has a keyring on their bag book could you ensure that it isn’t too big and only stick to one please. Although we encourage keyrings to help children recognise their bags quickly it is getting a little tricky for all children to fit their book bags in the boxes. Thanks for your understanding.

Newsletter 29.04.19

Week 3:

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday with family this weekend. The children have a short week but lots of learning to pack into it. Lots of consolidation this week regarding their writing and number work. Just a reminder that preschool are having their one year party this Friday (10th May) which Reception have been invited to. Remember your child may come dressed in party clothes for the whole day. Also don’t forget to sign up if you can donate any party food for the occasion as there is still lots of things on the list up for grabs. The list is on our reception door. Many thanks for your support.

Newsletter 07.05.19

Week 4:

The Preschool one year party was a great success on Friday. Thank you all so much to those of you who donated food for the occasion and thank you so much to Joseph who bought a party hat for everyone in class with his own pocket money. How Kind! The children had a lovely time so keep your eyes peeled for the article coming soon. We are reading Jack and the Beanstalk this week for Literacy. Your child will be planting their very own beans this week and then keeping check on the progress they make. Finally, it’s goodbye to Krithik who is moving to India. We will be sorry to see him go. We will miss you!

Dare I say it but the days seem to be a little warmer and sunnier at the moment so please ensure sun-cream is applied before school. We will encourage children to reapply their sun cream at midday but we can’t administer it. Therefore, please choose sun-cream carefully so they can independently apply it themselves eg. use a roll on form. Children are welcome to bring their own sun hats in and keep them on their peg ready to use during times outside. Thanks for your cooperation.

Newsletter 13.05.19

Spring Term 2

Week 1:

We are very excited for our new topic this half term which is called ‘Down on the Farm’. We will be finding out all about farming, farmyard animals and their babies, singing well known farm songs and nursery rhymes and even learning some well loved farm animal stories such as: Rosie’s walk, What the Ladybird Heard, What the Ladybird Heard Next and Oliver’s Vegetables. The children are really excited for this term as it is where we see lots of changes in our environment and we will be looking closely at these. Later on in the term we will be celebrating Pancake Day and learning all about Easter. It’s looking like it’s going to be a busy term so do keep checking the newsletter so you don’t miss anything. Many thanks!

Newsletter 25.02.19

Week 2:

The children are really enjoying our ‘Down on the Farm’ topic so far and have loved taking part in some activities based around this area. A special thanks goes to Eleanor and her mummy who have kindly donated a farmyard playset which we have used a lot in our small world play. Thank you for all other farm donations which have been coming in over the week. A busy week this week as we will be making pancakes on Tuesday for Shrove Tuesday and don’t forget it’s World Book Day this Thursday so the children will be allowed to come in to school dressed as their favourite book character. Just be mindful that the weather is still a little chilly so encourage your child to bring in a warm coat and a jumper/cardigan if they get a little cold. Finally, a warm welcome goes to Miss Idiens who will be helping out in our class and preschool this half term. We also have some student helpers Naomi and Bethany who will be helping out on various days in the week.

Newsletter 4.03.19

Week 3:

What a busy week we had last week! The children enjoyed pancakes on Tuesday and learnt all about what it is and what other countries do to celebrate it. Then it was world book day on Thursday and the children looked wonderful in their costumes. Well done to Olivia who won the costume competition. Also well done and thank you to all of you who bought in fantastic cakes and amazing books in a jar too. I know the judges found it really hard to pick one winner.  This week we are using the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ in our learning this week as we will be writing our own version of the story in Literacy and then we will be using this book to aid us in our learning of doubling in Maths.

Newsletter 11.03.19

Week 4:

Well last week went as quick as a flash and we are onto week 4 now in the second part of our Spring term. We had Science day on Thursday and the children got to experience different Science aspects in all three KS1 classrooms so be sure to check the school newsletter to see what they got up to. Don’t forget it’s parents evening this week so do check your child’s book bag/learning diary to check when your appointment is. It’s really important to attend so we can celebrate your child’s fantastic learning, progress as well as have discussions about what their next steps could be. Just to let you know that I will be out on a course this Friday so Mrs Stamp (Year 5 teacher) will be stepping in to look after our class all day. Miss Weatherby will be helping her and I’m sure the class will show her the ropes.

Newsletter 18.03.19

Final Week:

Nearly the end of Spring term and the children have really impressed me with their knowledge and development this half term. Lots of things are slotting into place so well done team Reception! Reception’s visit to Glebe Farm on Wednesday 3rd April this week was a huge success! The children were really excited and couldn’t wait to put some of their farm knowledge we have learnt over the last few weeks into practise as well as learning some new practical knowledge. Thank you to Eleanor’s mummy and Elijah’s daddy who came along on the trip to help out. Finally, Miss Weatherby will be starting a new job after the Easter holidays but don’t worry she will be still working in our class some afternoons. A big thank you to her for helping us all in Reception. She will be missed! Additionally, we say goodbye and thank you to Miss Idiens this week as she has now come to the end of her 6 weeks with us and is going on to work in another class within school This means that Mrs Heathcoate will be working in our class full time after the Easter holidays until the end of the year.  

Newsletter 04.04.19

Spring Term 1

Happy new year and welcome back to the spring term! I hope you all had a lovely time with family over Christmas. It was such a hectic end to a very busy term but the main thing was the children all enjoyed themselves. There was such a great Christmas spirit particularly at the panto. Thank you so much for your support. Another big thank you from all of us for the cards, gifts, smiles and thanks. It was very much appreciated. Another busy term is already underway, lots of fun and learning but please do talk to any of the EYFS team if you are unsure/concerned about any aspect.

Week 1:

At the end of last term our class showed an interest in Superheroes and voted to do this as our next topic. So we will be learning all about goodies and baddies by reading lots of superhero stories as well as designing our own superhero capes and badges, making up our own superhero stories and thinking what would make a good superhero diet. Take a look at our learning intentions for the term by looking at our topic webs at the bottom of this page. If you have anything that might be useful to aid our learning during this topic then please do, they will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Newsletter 07.01.19

Week 2:

What a super start to our Spring term last week. The children have come in ready to learn and so far have been loving our Superheroes topic. As a little treat at the end of the term they have asked if they could have a Superhero dress up day so keep your eyes peeled for more details on that to follow shortly. Last week we read the Superhero story Supertato by Sue Hendra. The children LOVED it so we will be basing a lot of our learning on it over the next few weeks. Why not ask your child about the story and why they liked it? One of the character’s gets into all sorts of mischief in the story and I’m sure he will be causing a little mischief in our class too!

Newsletter 14.01.19

Week 3:

Another great week last week where the children loved going on a potato hunt finding the vegetables in different positions around our outdoor area. They then wrote a superhero report and gave them to Supertato to help him save the day against Evil Pea. This week we will be tasting different vegetables and thinking of different words to describe the taste, smell, feel and what they look like. A polite request… could all children that have something to ‘show and tell’ please bring in their things only on a Thursday. Don’t worry it is optional and some weeks there might not be anything to show but at the moment we are not getting to do it every day and we would hate for any precious objects to go missing. Thank you.

Newsletter 21.01.19

Week 4:

Well this term seems to be going really fast! The children have shown a real interest in nest making in our outdoor area last week which is going to link really well with our Maths learning this week (Check out the ’Home Learning section’ on the newsletter for more details). The children have been working really hard to earn points for our end of half term class treat. They have decided they would like a Superhero Day where they can come dressed in their favourite Superhero costume. They will get the chance to do some superhero activities throughout the day and then we would like any grown up’s that would like to come along at 2.15pm so we can share our learning with you. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any questions/queries. Many thanks!

Newsletter 28.01.19

Week 5:

The children loved having the snow last week and were particularly interested in all the differences they noticed in our outdoor areas. They enjoyed smashing up the ice in our water tray, finding different ice formation like icicles and they thought of lots of different ways to melt the ice too. This week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year. We will be learning the well-known Chinese New Year story as well as getting to taste lots of yummy Chinese food! A busy week ahead but the children’s enthusiasm is still fantastic! Keep it up team Reception.

Newsletter 04.02.19

Week 6:

A wonderful half term. Well done team Reception! No homework set over the holidays but please continue with reading as well as writing and number work. Next half term we have decided to do a ‘Down on the Farm’ topic so if you have anything that will support us with this then please bring it in. Thank you. As always our new topic will start by asking the children what they’d like to learn about so we will go off at a tangent no doubt!

Newsletter 11.02.19

Autumn Term 2

We can’t wait to start this exciting, and busy, half term. I hope you have all had a lovely week off and have had chance to have some very precious family time. The children have chosen The Magic Sky book which has inspired their topic for this half term. We will be learning to retell the story, find out about about polar animals as well as completing some wintery crafts later on in the term in preparation for Christmas. If you have anything at home that might help us with our learning eg. books, photos, posters then please do bring them in. They would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

Week 1:

Well what a settled start back to our half term! It’s going to be a busy one as ever but the children have showed me they are ready for it. Thank you so much for all the work you have put in over the holidays. So many children have come back really pleased to show us they can write their name, count to 20 and use their sounding out for writing. These things don’t just happen so thank you for all your hard work. Lots happening this term so please do keep an eye out for extra information over the next few weeks. Thank you! Check out the topic plans at the bottom of the page as it will give you a rough outline of what we will be covering this half term.

Newsletter 6.11.18 

Week 2:

A great first week back last week and the children can’t wait to start learning all about ‘The Magic Sky’ written by Lucy Richards. We will be learning more about the Northern Lights, which is what the story about, this week as well as finding out about arctic animals. Thank you to all those who have brought in something for our ‘bring and buy’ sale on Friday for Children in Need. Any cake donations to sell on the day would be greatly appreciated also. The children are allowed to come in non-school uniform with a donation of £1 and they may want a little extra money to buy a cake or something from the sale. Thank you!

Newsletter 12.11.18

Week 3:

Another great week last week where Reception joined with Pre-school to go on our first ‘Wellie Walk’. We looked at the changes to our surroundings during this time of year and the children were really interested in all the different leaves they found. They noticed that some were different colours and shapes so we will be looking into this more this week on our ‘Wellie Walk’. Please ensure that your child has their wellies in school, thanks. A little request please… could you bring in any of your junk for our junk modelling station? A selection of sizes would be really helpful eg. small individual cereal boxes, small bottles and could any plastic containers please be washed out. Many thanks.

Newsletter 19.11.18

Week 4:

A really successful ‘Wear your Jeans’ day on Friday so thank you for taking part and donating all those wonderful prizes for our Christmas Fayre in a few weeks. Just another polite reminder to keep an eye on the main dates for the whole school on the website or school newsletter as there is lots coming up and going on in this half term. I will also be sorting out parent logins to access your child’s online learning journey on the Tapestry website so keep an eye out for the slip in your child’s book bag. Thank you also to those of you who brought in some junk modelling for us to use in our learning at school. We are hoping to make a beautiful display with it so watch this space!

Newsletter 26.11.18

Week 5:

Thanks again for all your donations on Friday for the Christmas Fayre. They are greatly appreciated.

Just a few reminders… Nativity costumes are due in this week. Well done to those of you that have brought yours in already. Letters with your Tapestry log in details have been given out last week so please do take a look at your child’s learning and feel free to add any of your own observations.

Just a polite request – if money is needed in school is it possible to put it in named envelopes explaining what it is for as sometimes it is a little tricky to collect and keep track of children’s loose chain. Thank you for your help.

Newsletter 03.12.18

Week 5:

The children have been brilliant last week despite the changes in routine. We are so proud of them as they have been superb in all the Nativity rehearsals. You are in for a real treat watching the performances on Wednesday and Thursday. Occasionally some children may get a little upset during the performances when they see their grown-up in the audience. To reassure them please give them a lovely smile and a member of staff will be there to support them. I know it’s tempting to get out of your seat to comfort them but this can be more upsetting and unsettle other children too. Thanks for your understanding. Additionally, just a polite reminder to please leave any reserved seats free for children and staff. Thank you! Additionally, our tricky word check and readers might be on different days due to the Nativity this week.

Newsletter 10.12.18

Autumn Term 1

During the Autumn Term we will be exploring Dinosaurs and Me as our topic. We will have fun getting to know each other and settling into our environment. We will also be looking at lots of dinosaurs comparing, noticing similarities as well as finding out lots of facts so take a look at our topic web below that details the all the possible activities we will cover. 

Week 1: 

Firstly, I would like to say a massive well done to Reception class for settling in brilliantly on their first week at school. I was thrilled to see lots of happy faces on the first day! It has been a busy week this week so expect early bedtimes. We have slipped into normal routine straight away by doing our first PE session and Phonic session. All children have done really well at sitting and listening so far, so keep it up!

Newsletter 10.9.18

Week 2:

Reception are really starting to settle in well and get into the swing of things: putting their book bags in the correct boxes and putting their names in the registration baskets independently. With the colder weather coming it would be great if you encourage your child to put their own coats on themselves and even tackle those fiddly buttons and zips as we will start to encourage this more and more in school. Many thanks for your support. Finally, we had a visitor on Thursday who provided a dental playbox workshop. The children got to dress up, play with pretend dental equipment and really learn some fantastic knowledge about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy. 

Newsletter 17.9.18

Week 3: 

A busy, busy week this week with lots of new learning. If you could still bring in some of your autumn finds that would be great as we are making little creatures using the autumnal resources. Thank you! We have teamed up with our year 5 buddies this afternoon and completed a little art project together. We have had a picture together and this will go on display in the cloakroom so that children can get used to who they are. Ask them about them at home and see what they have learnt about each other so far.

Newsletter 24.9.18

Week 4:

Wow! We are half way through the first half term and the children are doing so well. I am so pleased with all the routines and rules they have got to grips with and so quickly. Thank you also to you parents and grown-ups for your support! We really can’t make this wonderful learning journey happen without you. We really do love to hear about what they have been achieving at home whether it be through you writing in learning diaries or sharing their amazing learning on proud clouds. Thanks again!

Newsletter 1.10.18

Week 5:

Another busy week trying to track down our missing dinosaur which hatched on Monday and has been missing ever since. The children did some fantastic MISSING posters asking everyone to keep their eyes peeled. This week we will be writing signs to help us with finding our baby dinosaur.

A little plea… does anybody have some large rope netting we could have please? It would be much appreciated for our display work and den making kit. Thank you.

Newsletter 8.10.18

Week 6:

Reception were superstars last week and really thought about what we need to be a kind friend. They have been celebrating each other’s success, saying kinds things and trying hard to play games that include everyone. From our observations they were really interested in writing little signs last week and have really made lots of progress with their phonics. Well done team Reception! A BIG thank you goes to Morgan’s daddy who was able to donate a giant net for our display work and den making kit.

Newsletter 15.10.18

Week 7:

Well a half term done in Reception and what a super team we have made! All children have truly got to grips with our routines and rules and are ensuring others are following too. We have learnt lots about each other, made new friends and learnt a few sounds and numbers along the way. Super job! Thank you also to you parents and grown-ups for your support. We really can’t make this wonderful learning journey happen without you. Well done!

Newsletter 22.10.18