What a week!  So many memories have been made.  The children’s behaviour has been brilliant and we have had so many positive comments about them.

Keep an eye out for more photos and memories/highlights from the children which we will be adding over the next few days.

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Photos from Monday 16th May:

Photos from Tuesday 17th May:

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Photos from Friday 20th May:

‘It’s been a great week!’ by Ruth T.

Details from the parent meeting (which includes our full itinerary) can be found in the documents below.  A copy of the kit list can also be downloaded.

During the last few weeks, we have been working hard to find a suitable, alternative destination for the Y5 & 6 residential.  We are now in a position to confirm that we will be travelling to North Yorkshire and staying in the seaside town of Scarborough.  Unfortunately, in order to secure our preferred accommodation, we have had to change the dates of travel and instead we will now be departing a week earlier on Monday 16th May and returning on Friday 20th May (5 days and 4 nights).

Our Itinerary:

MONDAY: visit Scarborough Castle and explore the North and South Bays of Scarborough (coastal walk).

TUESDAY: visit Whitby Abbey and explore the town of Whitby and the fishing village, Robin Hood’s Bay.  Tide permitting, we will be on the beach here and hopefully able to do some rock pooling.

WEDNESDAY: whole day trip to Flamingo Land Theme Park

THURSDAY: visit Eden Camp to find out about World War 2.  Take a trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to Goathland (Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter films) and then explore this picturesque village and surrounding area

FRIDAY: explore the beautiful and historic city of York. This will include a visit to ‘The Chocolate Story’ and the National Railway Museum

We aim to regularly update both this webpage and the school Twitter feed.  Please do not worry if we haven’t updated though – it just means that we are out having lots of fun!

Click on the links below to read the daily diaries from our trip:

We have had a lovely day in sunny Scarborough.  We spent a few hours at the castle, exploring the ruins and taking in the views out to sea.

e walked around the harbour and South Bay before checking in to the hotel.

After tea of pizza, chips, beans and salad followed by chocolate fudge cake, we walked back to the South Bay and spent some time playing on the beach.

10.30pm - everyone is settled in bed.




"We had a great day at the castle and a brilliant walk" Lucy

"I loved all of the amazing views at the castle! Joseph

"I really enjoyed looking for creatures in the rock pools!" Megan

"I liked finding facts about the history of Scarborough." Lorenzo

"My favourite bit was when we went rockpooling. We found a dead crab." Francis

"I really enjoyed going in a hidey-hole at the castle." Felix

"I loved seeing the castle because it was a beautiful sight and we saw a seagull lying on its nest." Callum

"I loved seeing the castle and all the really nice views. I also liked walking along the South Bay." Hayley


7.30am - Everyone is up and getting ready for breakfast.  Everyone was quiet by 9.15pm last night and had a good night's sleep.

We have spent the day in Whitby.  We explored the Abbey ruins, walked through the old parts of the town, looked around the lifeboat house and walked out to end of the pier.

After a short drive, we visited Robin Hood's Bay: ice creams were a must!

For dinner we had fish cakes followed by jam roly poly and custard.

The evening was spent at the beach making sand scultptures.


Finally, it was a very special day today: Jacob's 11th birthday.  There was lots of birthday cake for supper!


'I absolutely loved building sandcastles. Best day ever!' by Alex

'My highlight of the day was when we went to Robin Hood's Bay and bought a big honeycomb ice cream.' by Ruth T

'I really enjoyed going to Whitby Abbey and seeing different pieces of history.' by Kensie

'I really liked going to Whitby Abbey to see the ruins.' by Joshua

I really enjoyed the going to the seaside and building a birthday cake for Jacob.' Molly

'I enjoyed making a big hole at the seaside Eleanor. I fell in four times!' Hannah D

'I loved the amazing view at Whitby Abbey.' Joseph

' I enjoyed going to Whitby Abbey and building sandcastles. I got lots of sand on me!' Lewis

'I enjoyed going down the 199 steps at Whitby.' Kamrann and Felix

'We saw some cottages that used to belong to fisherman.' Morgan

'I liked Robin Hood's Bay because we were looking out at the sea. It was an amazing view and I enjoyed my ice cream.' Molly C

'We liked Whitby Abbey and the 199 steps down to the harbour.' Hannah M and Ruth H


Everyone slept really well last night - we even had to wake some children up at 7.30am!

We had a brilliant day at Flamingoland.  Everyone got to choose their 'level' of ride.  Some chose the more gentle rides whilst the thrill seekers amongst us chose the extreme rides!

After lunch, we visited the animals which included rhinos, lions, tigers, giraffes and emus.  We even watched the penguins being fed and of course, we had to see the flamingos.

The highlight of the day was the last ride, 'Splash Battle' which involved lots of water.

Some very wet children arrived back at the hotel, so after a shower and putting on our pyjamas, we had burgers for dinner.

Our evening entertainment was a quiz organised by Miss Kennerley.

More birthday cake tonight to celebrate Hayley's 11th birthday.



Happy 11th Birthday Hayley!


'Today, I enjoyed the rollercoasters at Flamingoland. I mosstly enjoyed Kumali because you went upside down and really fast!' Hannah D

'Today, I enjoyed the rollercasters and I also enjoyed getting wet on the submarines whilst the teachers soaked us!' Molly C

'I loved trying to wet the teachers and we got wet too.' Jospeh

'I really enjoyed going to Flamingoland because I went on the biggest ride.' Kyle

'I liked the animals in the zoo.' Lucas

'I really enjoyed the big rollercoasters but I didn't enjoy feeling sick afterwards!' Robert

'I really enjoyed going on the Voodoo ride.' Brandon

'I enjoyed the submarine ride at the end because Kamrann and I got drenched!' Felix

'My birthday was fun. I enjoyed going on the rides.' Hayley

'It was really fun going on the rollercoasters and I wish that I could go again.' Ashton

'I liked seeing the flamingos at Flamingoland.' Molly K

Eden Camp was a very interesting place: an ex-Prisoner of War camp which is now a museum all about World War 2.  There was plenty of opportunity for reflection especially in the chapel of remembrance where each group spent some time.

In the afternoon we had a lovely ride on a steam train through the beautiful North York Moors countryside.

Dinner was chicken curry which was very well received - some children even went up for seconds!

The evening fun tonight was a quite competitive game of Bingo.  Eyes down!

9.15pm: We are now all packed up and everyone is in bed.'




'Today was the most amazing day ever. We went on a steam train and I loved it.' Alex

'I really enjoyed going for a ride on the steam train.' Lorenzo & Henry

'I really enjoyed going to Eden Camp because it was interesting to see what it was like in the war.' Lewis

'I loved Eden Camp because I learnt loads of interesting facts.' Eleanor

'I liked the steam train and it was the first time that I had been on one.' Lucas

'I enjoyed learning about the Blitz at Eden Camp.' Ruth T

'I liked looking at all of the different huts at Eden Camp.' Kamrann

'I enjoyed going to Eden Camp and liked seeing what war was actually like.' Kensie

'Going to Eden Camp really helped me reflect on the war.  We also had a great time on the train.' Joseph

'I really enjoyed Eden Camp because it reminded me of how serious was is.  I also enjoyed going on the steam train as I find them fascinating.' Ruby

'I loved going on the steam train because they are interesting.' Joshua


We had a slightly earlier start this morning to make sure that we were up and had cleared our rooms before breakfast.  There was some fantastic team work and everyone got stuck in to make sure that the coach was loaded up.  Very pleased to report that there was not a single piece of lost property this year!

We left the hotel at 9am and drove to York.  After a short walk through some of the older parts of the city (including 'The Shambles') we began our tour around 'The Chocolate Story'.  Here we found out about the history of chocolate making and how York was involved in this.  We even got to make our own chocolate lollies and watch a demonstration about how they make the handmade chocolates that are sold in the shop there.  Of course, there were lots and lots of opportunities to taste chocolate!

We had lunch near the Minster and then took the land train to the National Train Museum which we explore for a couple of hours before setting off back to Congleton.

We arrived back at school at 6.45pm, tired but happy, having made loads and loads of memories.




'I enjoyed going to the Chocolate Story and trying all of the chocolate from the olden days.' Brandon

'I loved making the lollies because it was fun pouring all of the toppings on them.' Ruth T

'I loved making chocolate lollies.' Kyle

'I loved going to the Chocolate Story because you could taste a variety of chocolates and look behind the scenes of chocolate making.  The Railway Museum was very interesting because you saw different types of trains.' Ruby

'I really liked tasting all the chocolates at the Chocolate Story.' Cliona

'I really enjoyed tasting the chocolates and seeing how they were made.' Megan

'Today was amazing. I really enjoyed the train museum.' Jacob

'I enjoyed going to the Chocolate Story because I liked tasting different types of chocolate and making the chocolate lollies.' Lily

'I liked going to the train museum and watching the turntable.' Katie B

'I really enjoyed visiting the train museum.' Leighton

'I loved going to the train museum because my dream came true; looking inside the Mallard.' Joshua

'I loved watching the turntable.' Lucas

'I really enjoyed the train museum.  I really like trains so it was a dream come true.' Henry



All of the children have picked out their favourite parts of our week away.

Molly K: I enjoyed everything.

Hannah M: I really enjoyed Whitby and the Abbey and also the beautiful views everywhere that we went.

Kamrann: I really enjoyed Flamingoland because I have bever been to a place like that before and there was a ride called Voodoo which when it started swinging you came out of your seat.

Megan: My highlight of the week was going on Voodoo at Flamingoland and seeing people's excited faces.

Joseph: My highlight was when we were on Hero at Flamingoland and Ashton, Francis and I all screamed when we went very fast!

Katie B: My highlight of the week was going to Flamingoland and going on all of the big rides.

Felix: I really enjoyed Eden Camp because it was nice to feel and see what it would have been like in the war.

Cliona: My highlight of the week was going to Flamingoland and going on all of the rides.

Ebany: My highlight of the week was going on my first rollercoaster.

Leighton: My highlight of the week was going to Flamingoland and going on the pirate ship.

Holly: My favourite part of the trip was looking at the picture after being on the Hero ride.

Oliver: My favourite part of the trip was being on Flip Flop- it looked like the biggest ride there.

Ruth H: I liked the whole experience.

Brandon: The trip was full of experiences and I learnt a lot from it.

Hayley: I loved the experience.

Lucy K: I loved being with all of my friends and having lots of fun with them.

Josh: I loved going to the train museum because it was dream come true.

Lily: I liked going to Flamingoland and going on the water ride at the end. It was amazing.

Jacob: I loved going on the steam train admiring the views.

Henry: I loved everything and making new friends.

Lorenzo: My highlight was gong on Splash Battle at Flamingoland and I loved going on the runaway mine train.

Robert: My highlight of the trip was going to Flamingoland. It was special because I have never been on a rollercoaster before.

Francis: My highlight of the trip was when we won the tidiest room in the hotel.

Hannah G: My highlight of the trip was going to Flamingoland and going on the rides because it was fun.

Molly C: My highlight of the trip was knowing we won the tidiest bedroom award and also seeing everyone smiling.

Lewis: My highlight of the trip was going to Eden Camp because it was very touching and Flamingoland because of going on the big rides.

George: My highlight of the trip was seeing everyone smile and enjoy the trip.  I liked going to Flamingoland and going on Velocity and when I saw Oliver's hat fall off and hit Cliona in the face!  Eden Camp was fun, seeing the missiles and tanks that have been in the war.  I loved the whole of the trip!

Hannah D: My highlight of the week was probably The Chocolate Story because I managed to like chocolate again.  I really liked tasting the chocolate and when I came back, I gobbled up my bar really quickly.  I also liked it on Flip Flop when Emma said that I looked like a bulldog because the pressure was pulling my face down!

Adam: My highlight was going to Flamingoland.

Callum: My highlight of the trip is going on the rides at Flamingoland.

Lucas: My highlight of the trip was going to see the penguins at Flamingoland.

Katie T: I absolutely loved going to Scarborough Castle and Flamingoland.

Emma: My highlight was going on all the big rides at Flamingoland.

Kyle: My favourite part was when I went on the biggest ride at Flamingoland.

Eleanor: My highlight of the trip was going on Kumali at Flamingoland. It was so fast and we went upside down a lot.

Ruth T: My highlight was when we went on Kumali at Flamingoland. It went really fast!

Bethan: My highlight of the trip was going on the pirate ship at Flamingoland.  It was so high and everybody was screaming next to me.  It was the best residential and I won't forget that week.

Alex: My highlight was going on the steam train and going to the Railway Museum..

Ryan: My highlight was going to Eden Camp and seeing what it was like in the war.

Ashton: My highlight was going to Eden Camp and Flamingoland.

Ruby: I don't have a highlight because I loved the whole trip!

Mrs Eddie: I loved being able to show you around my hometown.  Seeing you all smiling and having fun made my week.  If I had to pick one moment then it would definitely be the laughter from Mrs Diorazio, Miss Kennerley and myself whilst we sprayed water over everyone on the Splash Battle ride!