Following class elections, where KS2 candidates gave a short presentation to their class on why they should be elected on to the School Council, two members from each year group (a boy and a girl) were elected via a secret ballot.

The Head Boy and Head Girl also attend the School Council meetings and during the year will take on the role of Chairing these meetings. This year’s School Council members are:


Preston and Demi

Cain and Megan

Alfie and Bella

Bella and Morgan

James and Megan

Maisie and Leo






As a school council, we are here to listen and help out with any problems.  We are also a Safeguarding Council, making sure that children in our school are kept safe. Before a meeting, we will ask our class if there is anything they want us to bring up.  Then we will talk about it at the meeting and then tell you if we could do anything about it.

How does the School Council work?

Each class has two Council members, a boy and a girl. Although the Reception and Year 1 children are very young, the older members of the council support and encourage them to join in our lively discussions.

When and where are the meetings?

The school council meets every half term, Miss Kennerley sets the meeting times which are held in the Staffroom.

How can I have my say?

If you would like to bring something to the attention of the school council you can either tell your class Council Members or write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the suggestions box in your classroom.

Before each meeting, our Council Members will check the suggestion boxes and bring any pieces of paper to the meeting.

This year, the council are looking at issues affecting the children on the playground including zoning and lunchtime activities.

How can I find out what happened at the meeting?

Sometimes the class reps will find time to talk to your class as a whole after the meetings to tell you about important issues.

At other times the whole school council may talk to you in assembly.

You can also read the minutes of the School Council meetings by looking on the School Council noticeboard in the corridor outside the Year 4 classroom.

The School Council were very busy last year. Agenda items included: Scarecrow competition, Spelling and Maths Team Challenge Afternoon, Talent Show. There have been some excellent suggestions which will now be finalised and put into place in school.

Our School Council have a voice and they are making a difference to our school.


On 14th May 2018, the Y5 school and safeguarding council representatives went to Congleton Town Hall along with children from other Congleton schools for a Town Council Meeting. During their time there, they had to come up with a proposal for what should happen to the derelict boat on the River Dane.  The winning proposal was for it to become a party themed boat.

Previous Projects

The School Council have recently organised a Scarecrow competition, a Maths and Spelling Challenge Afternoon, The Great Buglawton Bake Off and a garden party for the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The Y6 reps led an anti-bullying assembly on Thursday. This was part of our anti-bullying week in school. Their presentation can be found below.

Becky from the Cheshire East Safeguarding Team (SCIES) came to talk to our council on Friday. She explained their role and helped to formulate an action plan for the coming year.

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The School Council recently agreed upon the theme of British Authors for our Team Points (Roald Dahl, William Shakespeare, David Walliams and J.K Rowling). There is now a fantastic display in the hall showing these teams. The rewards have also been decided – a ‘bring your own toy day’ for the first team to reach 10 books on the shelf and a trip to Congleton park for the first team to reach 25 books!! Good luck everyone!

Safeguarding Council

Children from each class Years 1-6 meet regularly to discuss ways of keeping children in our school safe.  Last year we monitored parking outside of school and led assemblies on e-safety and bullying.  We will soon set an agenda for our actions and projects for the year head.