We are very lucky to have lots of extra curricular clubs at Buglawton.  These are often over subscribed as the children love taking part in different activities.

We are delighted to be able to launch our wide ranging extra-curricular clubs. The majority of the staff give up their free time in order to run or assist with clubs, and we are lucky to be able to offer all of the clubs at no charge to parents this term so it would be great if they are as well attended as possible. Below is a list of clubs-



Please see below the clubs that are available this term (Summer 2019)



Football Teams- Key Stage 2 



High 5 Netball- Key Stage 2 Mrs Banks and  Mrs Weatherby-Gocol

Athletics (Town Sports Practice) – Key Stage 2 Mrs Leech / UK Sports

Construction Club – Key Stage 1 Mrs Bonell and Mrs Thomas

Drama Club – Key Stage 2 Mrs Stamp



Cricket – Key Stage 2 UK Sports

Yoga – Key Stage 2 Mrs Kennedy

Games club- Key Stage 2 Mr Mollard

Cookery Club – Year 1 Miss Kennerley and Mrs Thomas



Science – Key Stage 2 Mrs Abraham

Football- Key Stage 2 Mr Lambert



Gardening – Mrs Murray

Dance – Key Stage 1 Mrs Heathcote













Mr Lambert and Mr Edwards train year 3,4, 5 and 6 on Wednesday nights. Some of these children have had the opportunity to play for the school Team. We have had a good season which is nearly coming to an end.




The tag rugby club is open to all children in Key Stage two and it is very popular with over 30 children attending.

The club is run by Mrs Leech and Miss Weatherby.

The children took part in a Tag Rugby Competition in the Autumn Term and were very successful.

This is another popular club with lots of interest from Year 2, lower and upper key stage two.

This is a club run by Mrs Leech and Miss Weatherby.

Throughout the year the team will be competing in three rounds of league events and a one day tournament.

IMG_1557 IMG_1558

In the summer term there will be a girls football club run by Mrs L Thomas after lots of interest. The girls football team have had a fantastic year grabbing silver medals at this years tournament !


This club is led by Mr Oakden and again is very popular.

The choir had an enjoyable time last term. Our numbers are close to thirty and all are very keen and enthusiastic. We have added some new songs to our repertoire including "One little voice", which sang at Christmas and is one of Mr Norris's favourites. We sang at the Harvest service, the Christmas Fair and the Christmas service. We did make a special outing to sing at the wedding of Adele Poolford (Logan Rodgers Mum). We are looking forward to another busy term.


In the Summer term the club will run every Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm.

The choir rehearse songs to perform in upcoming events.

In the Summer term a new club will be available for KS2 children run by Mr Edwards.

The club will allow children to develop their rounders skills and given them the opportunity to be selected for the tournament in June this year.

This club is ran by Mr Edwards

This is a very popular club as the younger children practise and develop their basic footballing skills.


Fridays 3:00-4:00pm

At lunchtimes there is an opportunity for the KS1 and KS2 children to learn sign language.

This club is run by Mrs Heathcote who is an expert at signing !


Cookery club runs for Y6 in the summer term with Miss Kennerley after the success with Year 1 in the Autumn and Spring terms.

Cheese and onion pasties



Chocolate Brownies








This club is led by Mrs Leech, Mrs Banks and Mrs Wilson where the children will be practising and refining their athletic skills in preparation for Town Sports in July.


Over the last few years we have seen lots of successes and the KS2 Eco club is one of them.


This club is run by Mrs Walsh.

On Monday evenings Mrs Allen is continuing the very popular dance club. Due to high demand the children were split into two groups over the two terms.