Reading during Lockdown

One of the hardest subjects to teach via online services is reading... we can't swap books, teachers can't listen to children read frequently and children have no access to our fabulous range of individual reading books. However, there is still lots we can do to promote and develop children's reading skills.


Oxford Reading Tree Website

This website is FANTASTIC. It provides books for all bookbands online, so the children can continue to read at home. The process of reading on this website is also really enjoyable (especially for younger children!) as you can 'turn the page' and there's an option for the computer to read the words outloud too. 


Every class at Buglawton has access to this service via a log in: 

username - buglawtonpreschool    password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonreception    password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonyear1          password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonyear2          password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonyear3          password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonyear4          password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonyear5          password -    Bug123

username - buglawtonyear6          password -    Bug123


Twinkl EBooks

The fabulous website have produced a range of EBooks, suitable for those reading at a range of levels from 'Pink' to 'Black'. They have made these resources free to download during the lockdown period, so if you want to download more than the selection below then register, log on and download at your leisure! 

Dr Dog Explains Coronavirus                       

 Phyllis and the Fossil                                 Phyllis Questions

A Place for Plastic                                     

 Ten Little Lights                                          Ten Little Lights Questions

A Tale of Two Feathers                               A Tale of Two Feathers Questions                    

 The Runaway Iceberg                                Runaway Iceberg Questions

The Dual World of Anders Arnfield             Chaptered comprehension - Anders Arnfield


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