Each year group is taught the statutory programmes of study in the  National Curriuculum. Documents detailing the coverage for each year group can be found below.

We have recently launched a new initiative to help improve the children’s basic maths skills and mathematical knowledge called Big Maths. We have devised a ‘Parent and Carer’s Guide to Big Maths‘ which sets out how we approach Big Maths at Buglawton.  This can be downloaded below.

What is Big Maths?

Big Maths is a teaching programme which shares our school aim for children to become numerate and have a real sense of number.  Every maths lesson now features a ‘CLIC’ session.  These are fast-paced and focus on the four key skills that lie at the heart of numeracy.  These core skills form the basis for virtually all other maths skills:


Counting                 Learn Its               It’s Nothing New              Calculations  


Why Big Maths?

  • The objectives are clearly matched to the National Curriculum objectives for Maths
  • It improves mental maths skills and confidence by making the basics more routine, through the whole school
  • Common methods are used throughout the school
  • Common language is used throughout the school
  • Formal written methods are introduced and taught in a progressive way
  • Children are aware of what the ‘next step’ is and how attainable that is.
  • Prior learning is built on and ensures children can use and apply their knowledge to something ‘trickier’
  • There is a strong emphasis on developing instant recall of number facts, including number bonds and times tables and will help us to ensure that all children have solid recall of key number facts by the end of Year 4.
  • The characters (Pom, Pim, Squiggleworth, Mully, Count Fourways, Speedy Col &  Super-Fab), songs and activities help to make maths fun.

 photo Pom.png       photo SuperFAB.png photo Squiggleworth_2.png  photo CountFourways.png     photo SpeedyCol.png


National Curriculum Document

There are lots of links to online games for children to play here.