We aim to help children develop a confidence in and a practical working knowledge of ICT. We recognise that Computing plays a pivotal role in teaching and learning throughout the primary  curriculum and is a pre-requisite for educational and social progress. Mastery over Computing empowers children to use ICT effectively in the society in which they live and will work as well as allowing them engagement with the world at large. We believe the ability to use ICT is a vital life skill and a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners.

We aim to develop all pupils’ abilities within an integrated programme of word processing, graphics and sound manipulation, databases, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, email, computer programming including debugging and understanding algorithms. Pupils will be given opportunities to interrelate the requirements of ICT within a broad and balanced cross-curricular approach to the teaching of ICT, with opportunities to consolidate and practise key ICT skills.

At Buglawton School we strive for children to be ‘computer literate pupils’ and we aim for children to:

* Enjoy and achieve in Computing

* Use ICT confidently in everyday situations

* Have a secure knowledge of ICT applications they use.

* Have the ability to use this knowledge and understanding to carry out a range of Computing tasks across the curriculum.

National Curriculum Document