Thank you to all the children, parents and staff that have made me feel very welcome here at Buglawton!

I am very much looking forward to becoming a full part of school life and I will keep everyone updated with what Year 6 have been doing here on our page.

Autumn Term:-

This term’s topic is ‘Is It Right To Fight?’ and there is more information about what we will be learning this term in the attached topic web.

We have some exciting learning opportunities to look forward to, including a WW1 workshop day, a visit to Congleton Memorial, a visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelter and a VE Day Class Party.

All of Year 6 have made a fantastic start to their final year and are working hard in their Mathematics and English lessons to prepare for the end of year tests. Encouragement at home with their weekly homework will help to consolidate this learning and spot any areas that need extra support.


Every week I will choose a child that has positively stood out for me either in their work or their behaviour. They have the honour of being crowned the Year 6 Top Banana for the following week and will receive a small token of my appreciation!

Well done to Robert for being our first Top Banana – for team work and co-operation shown in PE.


Coming soon……

We are looking forward to welcoming the ‘Makers of History’ team to our class on 26th Sept –

a drama and arts based company who will be providing a WW1 Centenary Workshop for us!

tommy-and-nurse tommy-and-nurse





Well done Emma!!! Top Banana for this week for a fantastic week of behaviour, effort and quality work.


2015 – 2016 has been archived and can be found below.


This week we had a fantastic WW1 Workshop day. We developed our historical enquiry skills by looking at original artefacts, learnt some vital WW1 1st aid skills, discussed the ethics of war and created our own drama about the bravery of a WW1 soldier and a conscientious objector.


Congratulations to Lorenzo!!! He is our Top Banana this week. Lorenzo has shown maturity and independence by making sure he is sat in the right place to be able to focus and learn. Keep it up!!!


Week 6

This week Hannah and Joe, our head girl and boy, will be visiting the Houses of Parliament and representing our school. They will be meeting up with Fiona Bruce – the MP for Congleton. We can’t wait to hear all about it.


Also this week, Ruby and Joseph M will be representing year 6 when they give a presentation to our Governors about the teaching and learning in our class. They have worked really hard to create and rehearse the presentation and I am sure they will represent us fantastically. Good luck!

Molly is our new Top Banana – she has shown determination, resilience and bravery in dealing with a difficult issue. We are all very proud of her.


Hannah and Joe had a fantastic trip to London on Tuesday, visiting the Houses of Parliament. I hear that they were fantastic role models and representatives for the school. Well done!


In our mathematics work this week, we have been learning about fractions. To deepen our understanding of how to find non unit fractions of amounts, we investigated how to explain the process in different ways:-





Week 7

This week we have been completing our half term progress tests, well done to all the children who have put 100% effort into these.

We have also been thinking about, and celebrating, ‘Harvest Time’. Not only have we been discussing how lucky we are for the delicious foods harvest time brings to us, but we have been reflecting on other parts of the world where our global resources are not as readily available or shared.

A service  was held at St John’s on Thursday 20th Oct where we spent time with our Year 1 buddies and enjoyed songs and harvest presentations from the whole school.

img_2848  img_2851

img_2857  img_2866

After the service, all the harvest food donations from our school family were delivered to local residents in the community.

A fantastic example of our children developing their social, moral and emotional skills, representing our school, and contributing to their local community.


I hope everyone enjoys the half term holiday. Keep safe!

Autumn 2 Term, Week 1:

Welcome back everyone!

After a restful break, we have got straight back into learning in Year 6, with new topics beginning in all our subjects. Our new Science topic is all about Evolution, Inheritance and Adaptation and we will be thinking about how animals and plants adapt and survive in an ever changing environment.


In topic, we have moved from WW1 to WW2 and have learnt this week about what happened to Germany after WW1 which led to Britain and France declaring war in 1939. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at life in Britain throughout the war years and will have the chance to experience life as an evacuee when we visit Stockport Air Raid Shelter on 25th November.



Well done to Lucas! He is always making the right choices in class, showing others what is expected. Ready and willing to learn and making contributions to all our discussions – fantastic!


The half term homework project to create a WW1 trench has been awe inspiring! I have been blown away with the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of Year 6 and the children have thoroughly enjoyed presenting their 3D models, cakes, sketches and mind craft presentations to the class. I have the pleasure of presenting a snapshot of some of these amazing creations…..


Week 2

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of welcoming Jordan, a young member of the British Legion, to our whole school assembly. He talked to us about the history and importance of Poppy day and the work that the British Legion do for service men and women in Congleton.

Our head boy and girl, Hannah and Joe presented a wreath to Jordan from Buglawton School, which will be laid at Congleton Memorial on Friday 11th November.




Congratulations to Joseph Whitehurst – our new Top Banana. Joe is always polite and helpful to adults and children around the school. A number of teachers have commented on Joe’s behaviour to me this week and I wanted to pass this on. Well done.


Year 6 walked to Congleton today to visit St John’s Churchyard and the Memorial Gardens as part of Armistice day. We found Commonwealth graves and our Deputy Head boy and girl, Ryan and Eleanor, laid the Buglawton Wreath alongside the Mayor of Congleton and other local schools. This was a fantastic opportunity to think about the history of our town and to liaise with our community.


Week 3:

This week, as part of anti-bullying week, we have enjoyed a range of activities to help us reflect upon bullying and the effects it has on children and adults.

Two PCSO’s from Congleton Police delivered our whole school assembly and discussed what bullying is, who it effects, why it might happen and what to do if it happens to us.


The whole school also enjoyed an assembly delivered by Drew, Hannah D, Joe W and Ruth – our head boy and girl and school council representatives. This was also all about anti-bullying, giving advice to all the children how Buglawton deals with any concerns.



Week 4

Junior Council Meeting – Congleton Town Hall, 23rd November 2016

On Wednesday 23rd November, the head boy and girl (Hannah and Joe) and the School Council Representatives from Year 6 (Ruth and Drew) attended a Junior Council Meeting at Congleton Town Hall with other local primary schools.

They were welcomed by the Town Mayor, Mr David Brown, and quickly elected a Junior Mayor and Deputies for the day and contributed to a social media workshop with Councillor George Hayes.

Afterwards they were split into groups to brainstorm their likes and dislikes about Congleton and what ideas they had for improving it. After a lively debate, Congleton Paddling Pool was voted the facility in most need of change and improvement.

A fantastic example of our children directly involved in the democratic process.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to attend the meeting. We had an amazing taste of what it would be like to be a part of Congleton’s Counselling Body.” (Ruth, Hannah, Drew, Joe, Year 6)




Week 5

This week we have enjoyed welcoming and listening to two visitors to our classroom as part of our topic work on WW2. Lewis’ Grandma and Grandad came in to show us the War medals members of their family had been awarded from WW2 up to the more recent conflicts in Iraq.

It was fabulous to see the children engaging with members of our school community, sharing their knowledge and learning together.


We also enjoyed a whole school assembly as part of our learning about British Values. Mr Trevor Higgins, a magistrate from Crewe, delivered an fascinating talk about his role in upholding the Rule of Law and how important it is for everyone to respect the laws of our country.


Week 7

This week has been Design & Technology week for year 6 and we decided to focus on cookery.

We planned, prepared, made and delivered no fewer than 80 oat cookies and 80 hand designed Christmas cards for our local community in Buglawton.

After all the hard work, it was lovely to see all the smiling faces of Buglawton residents who were so pleased to have a Christmas gift and wishes brought to their doorsteps from the Year 6 children.



“I wish we could do this all the time, it’s really nice to see people so happy that we have come to see them. We even met a man who was a Buglawton pupil 70 years ago!” (George, Year 6)

This week we also had a learning trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelter to finish our ‘Is it Right to Fight? topic. We were all in character as evacuees all day and experienced how frightening it would have been to have arrived, alone, in a new town in the midst of WW2.

The tunnels, originally built in 1938, are still equipped with toilets, beds, electric lights and even a small hospital.

What a fantastic end to our topic this term!





Our last TOP BANANA for 2016 went to Hannah G for being an all round fabulous pupil and friend in the Year 6 classroom! Well done Hannah – a real role model.




Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had an exciting yet restful Christmas holiday!

Our new term brings new topic areas for all subjects.

We will be looking at materials that can change their properties in Science – getting messy making our own slime in order to see these changes taking place….


Our new Creative curriculum topic area is ‘Explorers of the World’ – where we will becoming geographers and adventurers in order to explore our amazing planet!


We will continue to work extremely hard in our Maths, English and reading lessons to ensure we are prepared and confident for the SATs tests in May.

I am looking forward to 2017 in Buglawton.

Week 3

The children had a fantastic time preparing and investigating the properties of cross linked polymers. It was a VERY messy lesson but a great scientific learning experience.

Making slime

Top bananas for this week were Hannah D and Ruth – well done girls!

Hannah D and Ruth - Copy

Week 4:

On Wednesday, most of Year 6, along with Year 5, took part in Young Voices 2017 at the M.E.N, Arena in Manchester. We had been practicing the songs and dances since before Christmas and were looking forward to being part of a huge, 8000 strong choir.

It was a truly amazing experience, albeit a VERY long day!


This week was extremely difficult to chose a Top Banana because all the children have been fantastically well motivated, behavied and enthusiastic all week! However, I chose Kyle due to the fact that he is always showing me that he is ready to start his learning and committed to revising his learning at home. Well done!



Week 5:

10th February 2017

  • Today we were excited and privileged to receive a visit from the Mayor of Congleton, Mr David Brown. Our head girl and boy, Hannah and Joe gave Mr Mayor a tour around all the classes and the children were able to get a closer look at his robes and chain of office.
  • Mr Mayor then joined the whole school in their ‘Stars on Stage’ assembly where he explained his role in the community and the importance of Democracy in the wider world.

IMG_3380  IMG_3385



Spring 2 Term – Week 1

Welcome back to everyone!

This week it was World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. It was great to see all the children and teachers around the school dressed as their favourite book characters. A fantastic opportunity to share our books with each other and recommend authors we might not have read before.


Year 6 is really looking forward to our next enrichment day out. This term, inspired by our ‘Explorers of the World’ topic theme, we are spending a day in Styperson Quarry Wood in Adlington.  During the day, we will engage in explorer bushcraft skills: shelter building, fire lighting, cooking over an open fire and pioneering. 

Problem solving, sustained shared thinking and team work will be the skills we will be building up and focusing on – as well as having lots of fun!


Happy Easter everyone!


The children have been working extremely hard this term and it’s certainly paying off! We have had a fabulous Mock’s week. The children’s attitude, behaviour and commitment has been commented on throughout the school – I was bursting with pride!

Any last minute revision you can support the children with this week will be gratefully received I’m sure.

Good luck to everyone….



Friday May 12th 2017

That’s it – you did it!!!

It’s all over now – I couldn’t be prouder of each and every pupil in year 6 – they did their best, stayed calm and focussed, looked after each other and were positive throughout the week.

We enjoyed our McDonald’s lunch on Thursday and, after being inspired by Banksy earlier in the week, we rounded off the week expressing ourselves through the art of Graffiti!

w/c 5th June

We have now returned to our final half term of Year 6 – where has the time gone?

The children and staff who visited France had a fantastic time and I hear that the children who remained at school enjoyed a week of exciting Literacy based and team building projects.

This term is jam packed – with our end of year production, Bikeability, High School transition days and our Leavers service to look forward to.

w/c 26th June

Today we have enjoyed an energetic and exciting afternoon with Hula Nation!!! We were taught the tricks of the trade in hoola hooping by an World Record Holding Hoola Hooping Champion.



This week our Deputy Head Boy and Girl  – Ryan and Eleanor, supported the new Head Boy and Girl – Robbie and Lilly-Mae in their first Junior Council meeting at Congleton Town Hall.

Our Leaver’s production of ‘The Best I Can Be’ was an absolute triumph!!! The children all performed, sung, and danced with 100% enthusiasm and commitment – much to the audience’s delight!

Well done and a HUGE thanks to the Year 5 children who supported the singing fantastically.

Our Leaver’s Oscar Awards ceremony was also a great afternoon. The children were all awarded with a unique ‘Oscar’ trophy which highlighted something amazing about them! It was a very sad, yet uplifting occasion and one which I felt extremely proud to be part of.

The class of 2017 is officially OUT!

Good luck everyone – I will miss you all so much!