Welcome to Year One – we are a class of 30, 16 boys and 14 girls. Our class teacher is Mrs Ellison and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Allan. During the Autumn Term we will have PE on a Tuesday afternoon. Our homework comes home on Friday and needs to be handed in the following Thursday. We will usually bring a numeracy and a literacy or phonics task home.  We will also have some optional topic based tasks that we might enjoy exploring and creating at home – more details are in our homework book. Finally,  it would be brilliant if we could read with an adult at home every day for ten minutes. In our class planners we have a special bookmark that will get a sticker stuck on at the end of the week, if we have read at least three times at home, and when we fill our book mark we will get a special reward.

In our class we also have King and Queen, every week two children will be chosen for something special that they have done, it could be always being: ready and willing to work, independent and resourceful, inquisitive and curious, determined and resilient, team player or simply being a kind friend. When you are King and Queen you get a special card, your picture under the crowns on display and sitting on a special throne all week – we were very excited about this and we’re all very keen to rise to the challenge.

We would like to share with you the philosophy that will underpin all our learning this year.
Our adults really believe this and we will too. Year One is a great place to be, a place where there will always be a buzz of learning and a place where we will learn a lot through play, hard work and being part of the team.

Before we left Reception we had the chance to work with Mrs Ellison and Mrs Allan – we got to show off a lot of what we can do! One of the tasks we were given was to draw an alien from a description. We had to use our listening skills because he was green, had four red legs, five blue eyes, brown spikey hair and one giant blue ear – what a funny looking character! Please look below and see some of our efforts. We also started some self portraits, we had mirrors and had to mix colours to get our skin tone just right. The completed portraits will be on the cover of our topic books.

AUTUMN 2017 TOPIC – ‘Into the Woods’


In the Autumn Term our topic was ‘Into the Woods’. We had a very exciting day on Friday 8th September to launch our topic. We worked in our school grounds all day to: Build dens, search for hidden animals, make stick men (this linked to our first literacy text ‘Stick Man by Julia Donaldson’), tell stories around a campfire and toast marshmallows to name just a few of our activities. We learnt about survival skills in the woods and we replicated and improved our skills through our role play area in our classroom. If you would like to see how our topic was woven into our curriculum, please look out below for the topic overview – the questions we generated about what we wanted like to learn in our topic are in red.


To celebrate our achivements during the ‘Into the Woods’ topic we invited our parents to come in for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  We had the chance to discuss our learning and shared a PowerPoint which allowed our parents to see all of our hard work. We also performed one of our favourite books ‘We’re going on a bear hunt!’ and finally finished with some yummy food (all bear inspired!).  Our parents loved it and were very much looking forward to hearing all about our new Spring Topics ‘Knights and Castles’ and ‘Out of the Egg’.









 SPRING ONE 2018 TOPIC – ‘Knights and Castles’

   Knight and Castle

We are very excited to get started with our new Spring 1 topic ‘Knights and Castles’.  We will be getting off to a flying start by making shields in Design and Technology – a key skill in D&T is being able to plan, select appropriate materials, make and critically evaluate what we could improve in our end product.  Our use of materials will also link nicely into science where we will be looking at and exploring different types of materials and why they are used for certain objects. In literacy (after making our New Year’s resolutions) one of the texts we will link to our topic with the text ‘Zog and the flying doctors’ by Julia Donaldson and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’



We loved the texts that we looked at by this author in the Autumn term and very much look forward to learning about adjectives, rhythm and rhyme in this book. We will conclude our topic with a Knights and Ladies dance which we will perform to the whole school. Please look at our topic overview below to see what we will be learning about this term. The questions we generated are added in red. 

                                                                                   Spring Term

It has been a busy and productive first week back – here are some of the activities we have been working on. We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and retelling the Fairytale through drama and writing. We have also been using ten frames to help us count on up to 20 more quickly. This week we also started designing our knight’s shields for our topic launch next week. Finally, we have been exploring different materials in science – one of our topic questions was ‘Which materials are used to build a castle?’ and the children decided after exploring objects and discussing as a group: bricks, mortar, wood (drawbridge), glass for the windows, fabrics for the flags and cobble stones for the paths. 






We are very proud to share the results of our new topic launch – Knights and Castles.  We made shields and learnt new skills by using a variety of equipment.  We also included an animal on our shield that represented qualities of the Knights like: bravery, speed, loyalty and power.  We hope you enjoy looking at our results.




Science Week

During Science Week Year One decided to plan their own experiment relating to weather.  This underpins a unit that we are focusing on throughout the year, Seasons.  We decided we would like to measure snow – but it had all disappeared.  Next we thought we may like to find out which month is the wettest.  We only have four months left in Year One so we made predictions about which of these months will be the wettest (lets hope we are wrong because most of us think July will be the wettest!). We made our own rain gauge and can’t wait to start measuring the data in April.



World Book Day 2018

Year One thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day.  We had a chance to work with our visiting Author Nik Perring and we came up with a very interesting story – what great imaginations Year One have!  We also had a storytime session with Year 3 and it was lovely to hear about their favourite books which they kindly read to us.  In literacy we have been looking at the features of non-fiction texts.  This is supporting our exciting visitors…an incubator filled with eggs that we are hoping will hatch into chicks before Easter.  We have been identifying features of non-fiction texts and loved sharing what we have been learning about when Year 3 visited.  Here are some pictures of our wonderful day!