Year 6 2020 - 2021

Mrs Kennedy

Welcome to Year 6! September 2020

Our teaching team this year includes Mrs. Kennedy - Class teacher, Miss Sheard - Teaching Assistant, Miss Gallagher - Teaching Assistant and Mrs Shuff - Teaching Assistant.

Meet the teachers, Year 6, 2020

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Absence from School:

IMPORTANT - If you are off school due to illness or isolation, then our school learning will be available on Google Classroom. However, we have noticed that a few parents are not part of this system, so will be unable to access the work at the moment. 

Week 13

What a fantastic end to our first term! Even though we have not been able to do our usual Christmas activities, we have adapted very quickly and created some amazing events to celebrate this special time of year!. 

I hope everyone got a chance to look at all the year groups Christmas songs on Google Classroom - they were all delightful!

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and enjoys some special times with their families.

Keep safe everyone xxx


Week 12

In Science this week we have started our new topic - Animals including Humans - in which we be learning how our 'Circulatory System' works.

We began by discovering what our blood is made up of and what these componants do. 

We also enjoyed learning about one of the most famous WW1 poets, Wilfred Owen. We read 'Dulche Et Decorum Est' and then created our own Blackout Poem based on this inspiring work.

Week 11

This week we saw 'Anti-bullying' week launched with a virtual assemby and everyone wearing odd socks. We spent time this week discussing how Buglawton feels about bullying and friendships and decided to sign a 'charter'  to agree on a set of principles which our school wants to live by. We made 'anti-bullying' posters, designed odd socks, made a friendship wreath and sung the 2020 'anti-bullying' anthem by the one and only.....'Andy and the Odd Socks' featuring Princess K.

As part of our Topic, Lest We Forget, this week we learnt about the amazing story of The Christmas Day Truce of 1914. Soldiers from England and Germany came together for just one day in peace to play football, exchange gifts and enjoy each others company. Year 6 re-enacted this incredible historical event and then retold the story in their own words.

Week 10

This week has been busy! We were reflective on Wednesday 11th November as we thought about all the people who have lost their lives in conflicts around the world. Year 6 made a beautiful wreath on behalf of Buglawton School and placed individual messages inside. Our Head boy and girl - Wilson and Amelia - made a special trip to Congleton Memorial to lay the wreath for us.

On Friday we thought about the good works that are supported by the Children in Need Charity.

We enjoyed the Duck Race and Aaron and Ben won with 'Quackman and Bobbin'!! Well done boys! laugh

We are enjoying our topic work on WW1 and have found out all the gory details about living conditions in the trenches this week. 


Week 9

Welxome back everyone, I am looking forward to our 2nd half term in our lovely bubble.

This week we learn't about the history of Bonfire Night and why the celebration takes place here in the UK. We also looked at the safety side of Bonfire Night and how to keep ourselves safe with fireworks. We rounded this learning off with a Bonfire Disco where I got to see just how great Year 6 are at dancing!!

We have now finished our class book, Hansel and Gretal and Year 6 wrote their own traditional tale. These were fabulous and packed full of amazing descriptive techniques including similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration, as well as dialogue to move the action on. I am really impressed with the standard of writing we have in Year 6.

On Friday we had our first whole school 'Celebration' assembly via Zoom! It was great to see all the other classes - albeit virtually - and to hear what great things have been happening throughout the school this week.

Week 8

This week we were invited to go on a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament. It was a fascinating insight into how democracy in our country works. I was also proud of how much Year 6 knew about local and national politics and some of the big news stories of recent times. Well done Year 6!!

I can't quite believe that we have reached the end of our first half term together!

Have a lovely break, everyone!

Week 7

As part of our Science topic - Living things and their habitats - this week we researched Micro-organisms and learned about how Alexander Fleming discovered Pencillin. 

We then investigated bacteria ourselves by answering the question of 'What makes yeast grow?'

It was interesting to learn that we eat 'friendly' bacteria every day and that our bodies need these types of micro-organisms to stay healthy.

Week 6

For our new class book, we will be staying with the author Neil Gaiman and looking at another 'twisted tale' - the story of Hansel and Gretal.

To immerse us in this dark fairytale we will be following a trail of stones through the school grounds, making our own gingerbread houses and creating our own spells, based on Macbeth's witches.

Week 5

We have now finished our Literacy whole class book by Neil Gaiman - 'Wolves in the Walls'. This was a fascinating and dark 'twisted tale' which made us think about our own scary dreams and nightmares. 

We finished the topic by writing our own nightmare story, which I am still getting scared of as I read them all in detail! Well done Year 6.

This week's assembly theme was 'connectedness' and we reflected on the idea that we are 'better together' and that teamwork is vital to our success in school and in wider society. We looked at the work of a famous graffiti artist - Keith Haring - who often worked with children to produce pieces of art in a collaborative and connective way. This amazing success now adorns the entrance hall of the school, so check it out next time you are here.



Week 2 

This week our class assembly theme was HOPE, in which we were discussing why having hope in times of sadness or worry is really positive and helpful.
We thought about images that could symbolise 'hope' for us and then enjoyed making a whole class collage with our images.
We also made bird feeders this week, which were messy and smelly - but worth it!! They are adorable and I'm sure will encourage lots of birds into our playground over the winter months.
Finally, this week I introduced my weekly 'TOP BANANA' competition to the children.
Every week I choose a member of our Year 6 team who has stood out to me throughout the week for being amazing!
Our first TOP BANANA is a very well deserved,................BRANDON!!!


Week 1

It was so great to see everyone back to school this week - I have missed seeing everyone so much over the last few months.

This week we have all being getting used to the new rules and procedures for school life here in Buglawton. We are enjoying time in our Year 6 bubble, although it is hard to remember to keep our distance from our other friends throughout the school.

On Friday all the Year 6 children recieved a new reading book to enjoy in school and at home. It is important to remember that when the book is finished, we put it into 'quarantine' for a few days before it goes back into our class library.


After a very strange end to our school year, I'm very much looking forward to the next academic year and getting to know the new Year 6 children and their families. Unfortunately, we have not been able to provide our usual transition activities and meetings but I hope that the information on this page will be useful in order to feel confident about starting back at Buglawton in Year 6 .. You will find links to useful homework information, parent presentations and topic overviews.

When we return to school, I will also share what activities we have been enjoying together as a class and some of our key whole school events.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any external school trips in the Autumn term, but that certainly won't stop us providing exciting and engaging topics to keep us all inspired and enthusiastic about learning.

Our topics for the year will include 'Lest We Forget' - a historical learning experience covering World Wars 1 and 2, 'The World's Your Oyster' - learning more about the geography, food and cultures of our world and 'Music, Movies and Fashion' - a new topic looking at the exciting history of the film, music and fashion worlds....

When we arrive back in September, the whole school will embark on a specially designed Writing topic based on the Oliver Jeffer's book 'HERE WE ARE'.

This will be a fantastic chance to begin our new school year as a full Buglawton Team - albeit in our 'bubbles'. We will have the chance to explore some of the feelings and emotions that time away from school and what has been happening in our world may have left us with.

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Year 6 will have PE on a Wednesday afternnoon. Children will be asked to come into school wearing their PE kits on that day.

Summer Reading Challenge

Why not check out the summer reading challenge below? It's packed with fun challnges to keep you busy and keep you enjoying reading all through the summer holidays...

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