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Please open the link below for guidance on the learning that children can complete at home each day: 


Year 5 Daily Learning During School Closure  

Year 5 Daily Learning - School Closure PDF

Home Learning, Week beginning April 27th

This week I set you a challenge to create a play script, and then record it in an epic 'Buglawton production'... and boy did you guys rise to the challenge! Have a watch of your excellent efforts below.

 Amelia's Literacy Project    Wilson's Literacy Project     Finley's Literacy Project       

Home Learning, Week beginning April 20th

Miss Hughes set Year 5 the challenge of making some Maya masks... look at these incredible results! A massive well done to you all for putting your all into this activity. 

Amelia's Mask

Finley's Mask

Isabella's Mask

Jacob's Mask

Chloe's Mask

Laila's Mask

Morgan's Mask

Sam's Mask

Thomas's Mask

Wilson's Mask


Mrs Stamp is your class teacher, and the teaching assistants are Mrs Thomas, Miss Sheard, Miss Weatherby and Mrs Gallacher. Year Five is a busy but brilliant year, and we hope to share some of our adventures on our brand new web page! laugh

Things you need to know


Children will have PE every Tuesday afternoon, but please make sure kits are in school everyday as we will be cross country training as often as possible! 

The mornings will see us completing Spellings, Maths, Literacy and Guided Reading sessions. The afternoons will be filled with Topic-based fun, as well as French, RE and Science. 

See the timetable below


Autumn term

We begin the year with a school-based unit focusing on our beloved Congleton. Year Five are focussing on jobs and industry, so be prepared to be asked about your experience of work, as well the careers of your great-great-great uncles! 

In week four, we will begin our 'Extreme Environments' unit. This unit is so exciting! We begin by learning all about our Solar System, and the extremes of the planets that share our Sun. After half term, we will return to Earth and discover some of the most extreme places on our planet - volcanoes, the poles, the depths of the ocean, and the midst of the deserts. The 'Bear Grylls' series of fiction books are amazing to read for this unit - I have them in my library for children to borrow, but they are also a steal on Amazon!

Have a look at the Extreme Environments knowledge organiser here

Spring term

Who Let The Gods Out?   A focus on the Ancient Greeks 

During this topic we will be exploring the Greek Empire including; a detailed study on the Ancient Greek Gods;  learning about the origins of modern democracy; the invention of the Olympic Games, and other ways that the amazing Greeks have a lasting legacy on our modern way of life.

Greeks Topic Web    Greek Homework   Topic Organiser Ancient Greeks   

Summer Term 

The Chocolate Story. A focus on the Ancient Mayans 




Children are expected to read every evening. By Year 5, this can become quite an independent activity, but children should note their own progress in their planner themselves. It is extremely beneficial for children to read out loud as often as possible, so still try to hear your child read when you can (or get them on their younger sibling's bedtime duty!) 


This year we are beginning to use the Spelling Shed scheme to help children learn their spellings. The children will be given a username and password, and if the app is downloaded at home on a tablet, phone, or accessed via the website, children can practise their spellings through a variety of games. The children's efforts and progress are trackable, and they enter a 'Super League' of spellers, both within our school and the country! I wonder if Year 5 will make it to the Spelling Shed Champions of Buglawton?! 


Buglawton has also signed up to the fantastic Times Table Rockstars this year - a super-fun and interactive way to practise times tables! We will be rolling this out within the first few weeks, and children will be expected to use this (and other traditional methods!) to refine their times table skills. 


In all Topics, children are encouraged to complete some learning about an area of their choice. This could include a creative, hands-on task, such as painting, junk modelling or sewing, or it could be to produce a comic strip, a playscript, a game or a lego structure! Think outside the box and impress us!

Our Learning Journey

Spring Week 9

Miss Hughes has taught some tricky Maths this week - comparing fractions by finding the common denominator! This proved pretty "AGGGHH!" on Monday when we first began, but I am impressed with Year 5's resilience and determination to succeed. In today's lesson, the children ploughed through their learning! Well done, Year 5! 

In Literacy, we have learned about imperative verbs, modal verbs, conjunctions and colons this week. The children created some shared writing today and all read out in front of the class - the impact was incredible. Excellent work, team! 

Well done to the members of Year Five who have attended Sporting Events in the past few weeks - I can't believe we have such a sporty class! Footballers, Basketball, Netball, Swimming and Rugby!! We are exceptionally proud to have you represent our school. 

Spring Week 8 

Since the last update Year 5s have been very busy bees indeed! The children spent the end of last half term writing outstanding myths; they created a heroic character, a quest, and they had to include an encounter with a mythical beast. The children all worked extremely hard on this task and should be proud of their efforts.

In Maths, children have finished their 'multiplication and division' topic. This has been a tricky topic, and is worth revisiting at home with children if possible. Children should be able to multiply 2d by 2d (such as 42 x 65) and divide a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number using the bus stop method. See guidance below

Multiplication Strategies                                    Division strategies

This week we have started our new text in Literacy. I have not told the children what the text is called, or what it is about, but they've made many predictions using the images and some key vocabulary alone. My favourite 5 word prediction was 'Apocalyptic end of the world'! What do you think it's about? 


We welcome Miss Hughes to our classroom this week. She is a lovely trainee teacher who will be working with the class until early June. 

Spring Week 4

Another busy but brilliant week in the Year 5 classroom. In Literacy, we have been unpicking the structure of 'Perseus and Medusa' ready to write our own myths next week. In Maths, children have been learning the VERY complicated long multiplication using the column method! This has lots of steps, but the children have worked hard to remember the process and use it effectively. 

This week, the children had time to nominate themselves to be a Year 5 'Eco' representative. Many children wrote powerful speeches on why they should be chosen - we had a democratic vote, and the results saw Sam and Aidan voted as our Eco Ambassadors. Finley and Isabella will be in a supporting role too! 

Wow - our Young Voices experience was incredible this year! I was (as usual) very proud of the children's attitudes and behaviours in public. I had several moments during the event where I looked at the children - so smiley, eyes full of wonder, taking it all in and loving it - and my heart beamed with pride! 

Well done to Charlotte, who is the deserved winner of the Above and Beyond award this week. She has made an outstanding effort with her times tables recently, both at school and at home, and it is really showing in her learning. :D 


Spring Week 3

What a fantastic week! We started off at Chester Zoo, where we had the best day! Perfect weather, and the Year 5's attitude and behaviour was impeccable. The highlights of the day included the Bat Cave ("It weed on me Miss!") , seeing the elusive jaguar stroll past the window of their enclosure, making it to the giraffes in time for feeding time, and watching the chimps groom each other. A brilliant day - thank you to Miss Kennerley for organising it. 

In Literacy, we have been exploring Greek Myths, focussing on Theseus and the Minotaur. On Friday, the children had to write about inside the Minotaur's maze. Those who felt confident stood up to read their pieces to the class (with dramatic music to create tension!). Excellent efforts by all! 

In Maths, we have begun to multiply 2d by 2d. This is very tricky! We started using the area model/grid method, and some have moved on to column multiplication. To strengthen skills, children should be encouraged to play TTRockstars at home often. 

Well done to Finley for achieving our 'Above and Beyond' certificate this week. I described Fin as 'the heart of Year Five', and I really think he is like a glue that holds us all together! A friend to all, and an enthusiastic learner. Well deserved Finley laugh

Spring Week 2

This week, we have ramped up our Young Voices practise. If your child is attending the event, they can log into the 'Music Room' with the code YV2020 here: 

In Maths, we have begun our Multiplcation and Division unit. Generally, children need to practise their times tables more frequently in order to speed up and make their written methods of maths more efficient. We are going to push TTRockstars in lesson time, but any additional practise at home would be extremely beneficial. 


The loved children have learning about the Greek Gods this week. From Zeus marrying his sister (erm, yuk!!) to Athena being born out of Zeus's forehead (errrrrrm, yuk!!) we have discovered many interesting facts, and raised many an eyebrow! The children worked in groups to create factfiles about different Gods, which they then presented to the Year 4s.

A huge well done to Leah, who received this week's Above and Beyond award for exceptional focus on her learning this week. 

Spring Week 1

Happy New Year, and welcome to a new decade! Wahoo!

This term sees us learn all about the Ancient Greeks in our topic Who Let The Gods Out? The topic is named after our focus text, which we have begun to immerse ourselves in already. So far, we have met a schoolboy called Elliot, who is a bit of a tinker at school (he put his deputy head's pants up a flagpole - Mr. Jervis, watch your back!); Mr. Boil, the deputy head with 'weapons-grade body odour'; Call Mr. Graham, the nervous headteacher who wants to be everybody's buddy; and Mrs. Horse's-Bum... I mean Mrs. Porshley Plum!! devil

We are getting very excited to perform at Young Voices in a few week's time, and our rehearsals are going to ramp up in the next fortnight. I'm personally loving the Queen Medley! 

Queen Medley YV2020

Autumn Week 1

What a fantastic first week of the year! We've packed our pencil cases, got used to the new rules and the 'shout out' board, and our stomachs have thankfully managed to last an extra 15 minutes at lunchtime! 

This week in literacy, we enjoyed exploring our new text. The children still don't know the story or its title, but have practised their inference skills by reading the physical and pictures clues that I've given them. We've had some awesome discussions and predictions, including it being about the end of the world, a traffic jam on the way to a wedding, and a gardening murder mystery! I can't wait to continue the discussion next week. 

In maths, we are reminding ourselves about place value of 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers, in preparation for future exploration of numbers up to a million! We also had a good go at the Year 5/6 'Big Maths' challenge... 72 questions in 100 seconds! (Beyond me...!) 

In topic, we are learning about Congleton. We have looked in detail at a local map, finding familiar places and also identifying human and physical features of the area. 

SHOUT-OUTS to the children this week who were praised for stopping when Mrs Stamp claps and listening when the teacher talks. Most of us made it to the shout out board! 

A huge well done to Amelia, who achieved our 'Above and Beyond' award this week, for always doing the right thing, and going the extra mile to welcome our new pupils with a friendly face laugh

Autumn week 2

On Monday, we had our 'School Council' representatives vote. The children who wanted to put themselves forward wrote speeches and read them out to the class, and each child voted for one boy and one girl who they would like to represent Year 5 this year. 

After careful counting, the successful candidates can be announced as...

Amelia and Wilson! Hurrah!

We know you'll do a fine job yes

Well done to Morgan who won our 'Above and Beyond' award, for being consistently brilliant in all lessons, and for being a star with his very shy Reception buddy! 


Autumn Week 3

Tuesday- Year Five have been completing some awesome literacy work this week about our class text, The Promise. We imagined we were looking out of a window into a grey, soulless city, and wrote amazing words and phrases about this. We then repeated this process with a brighter, more vibrant outlook. 

Together, we shared our writing and came up with these amazing diary entries!


I can't wait to see the children's own versions later this week! 

This week, Ronnie won the Year Five 'Above and Beyond' certificate, for fantastic effort in all lessons, pushing himself to try tricky new learning, and for helping others. Well done Ronnie! 

Autumn week 4

Another busy but brilliant week in Year Five! We have moved on in literacy to explore a new text. We started by providing vocabulary clues, and the children had to predict what the text was about - explosions, repulsive, monstrous, it glowed like fire, escape, breathlessly- the children knew it was going to be a dark story! By the end of the week, the children knew that the text was The War of the Worlds, and are now beginning to write newspaper articles about the arrival of the Men From Mars! 

In Maths, children have been exploring numbers up to a million, and building resilience for difficult problem-solving questions. It can be bewildering when faced with a tricky Maths problem, so we are thinking about the independent steps we can take to solve them ourselves. 

In Topic, we have begun to explore SPACE! 

On Wednesday, we received a letter from Mrs Stamp's alien penpal Paxi (a good friend met during last year's Space topic!). We unpicked the language used in his letter, such as orbit, planet, moon, galaxy, so we know how to use them ourselves going forward. On Thursday, we discovered the planets that are in our Solar System, and their order from the Sun. We created magnificent split pin models of the Solar System, that show how the planets orbit around the Sun. 

Well done to the brilliant Roxy for catching my eye this week with her positive attitude towards learning, and her increasing self-esteem. She's always there to support her friends, and has had a helpful and jolly smile on her face all week! She's Year Five's Above and Beyond! 

Autumn Week 5

Another fantastic week in the Year 5 classroom! 

In Maths, children completed their place value unit, and showed off their skills at an end of unit assessment. They've all shown great progression and should be very proud of themselves. Next, we move on to addition and subtraction - we focus on using the column method with numbers of 4 digits or more, so any practise you can do at home would be amazing! 

In Literacy, we have been learning skills that will feed into a news report. We started with subordinate clauses at the start of the week, and inverted commas later in the week. We will share the results of our news reports in next week's update! 

In Topic we have created our own 'mnemonic' to remember the order of the planets in our Solar System. Mine was 'Massive Velocoraptors Eat Meat Jiggling Scarily Until Noon'... but we had an incredible array of inventive (and a little silly!) ways to remember. 

Wilson has achieved our Above and Beyond award this week! He has been trying so hard to get his pen license and to stretch himself in every lesson. This week, what really showed his 'Above and Beyond' attitude was his home learning - an incredible PowerPoint about Space. Have a peek below! 

Wilson's Powerpoint

Autumn Week 6

Another busy week for Year Five. We are really enjoying the RE lessons taught by New Life Church, and we are getting ready now to perform the actions to the Old Testament in an assembly! Pictures to follow :) 

This week in Topic, we have been reflecting on our amazing trip to Jodrell Bank. The trip was brilliant, led by knowledgeable and friendly staff throughout who answered our inquisitive scientist's questions. 

We have continued to practise for 'Young Voices'. Most children have opted to attend the event, which is at the end of January. Those who don't wish to come are going to be carrying out a Topic project during our rehearsal time. 

This week's 'Above and Beyond' was awarded to Aidan Kellenberger, who has demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning and tried hard at every element of school life. He looked very shocked during the assembly when his name was read out! 

Well done to the children who are completing the homework - reading, Spelling Shed and Times Table Rockstars! I can see who accesses the apps at home, and there are over half of the class who are completing the homework expectation. It would be better if this percentage could go up because the practice certainly pays off in the classroom! 

Autumn Week 8

We finish our half term with another fantastic week! The children were amazing on Tuesday, as they showed their RE learning off in an assembly to the whole school. They performed it with confidence and it was brilliant! 

We have also finished off our Space topic with some fantastic interactive learning. We hid on the stage and dimmed the lights in order to recreate the relationship between the Sun and the Earth - this really helped the children 'see' night and day in action. #


We also looked at the phases of the moon, and children got to eat their way through waxing crescents, full moons and waning gibbouses! I completely underestimated the children during this activity - their level of understanding and use of the scientific language was exceptional!! :D :D well-done Y5! 



On the final afternoon, we continued our learning about Holst's 'Planets' compositions. This time, we used the instruments to create our own music in the style of one of Holst's pieces. Angry like Mars, or Magical like Uranus - they were all amazing! We even took our instruments to Year 1 to perform it to the class. Year 1 voted Riley's individual composition as the best! I think his incredible confidence won them over laugh


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