Year 4 2019 - 2020

Mr Lambert

Welcome to Year 4

Mr Lambert is our class teacher, supported by the fantastic Teaching Assistant Mrs Banks!

We are lucky enough to also have a second teacher every morning called Mrs Rosson. Together Mr Lambert and Mrs Rosson teach us maths and literacy in small groups.

Spring Term 2 2020 Week 3

This week has been another exciting one since it has been Science Week! We began our week with a fantastic Science Week launch assembly where we observed some wonderful science experiments. Back in the classroom, Mrs. Chapman challenged each class to stretch a Curly Wurly chocolate bar. We managed to stretch ours to a huge 2 metres and 23 centimetres! We were also challenged to find the best dunking biscuit. After predicting which biscuit we thought would be the best (and after resisting temptation to eat them!), we dunked each biscuit and timed how long each biscuit stayed whole in the cup of coffee. In addition to these experiments, we have spent time researching Australian animals and their habitats. However, one of our favourite challenges of the week was to build cells and link them into circuits.

We have also been working hard on practising our spellings this week. Each morning, we have taken it in turns trying a different spelling activity in multisensory experiences. We have built our weekly spellings using bottle tops with letters on, written our spellings with our fingers in trays of fine salt, found our spellings in tricky word searches, tried to beat our Spelling Shed scores on iPads and laptops, and practised writing our spellings in our handwriting books using the correct letter formations and joins.

In literacy, we have been working hard on our non-chronological reports about Ancient Greece. In maths, we have been learning to count in fractions and continue fraction sequences, and we have also begun to add two or more fractions together.

Spring Term 2 2020 Week 2

What a fabulous week we have had in Year 4 this week. As part of our topic on Ancient Greece, we have begun to research what life was like for the Greeks all of those years ago. Using laptops and books, we practised our research skills, making accurate and safe online searches, as well as efficient note-taking skills.

In literacy, we have moved on to learn about non-chronological reports, inlcuding their purpose and features. We have also explored the careful use of exclamations and questions in non-chronological reports. We have been looking closely at sentences, paying close attention to the use of conjunctions.

Continuing with our fractions topic in maths, we have deepened our understanding of equivalent fractions, using fraction blocks, fraction walls and made links to multiplication and division. We have also begun to learn about fractions greater than one whole.

But by far, the best thing about this week has been World Book Day! We all dressed in incredible costumes and have had a fabulous day completing lots of different book-related activities, including a parade through the hall, making bookmarks and creating puppets based on our class text, Who Let the Gods Out.


Spring Term 2 2020 Week 1

Another busy week in Year 4 this week! In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of what fractions are, using practical equipment, sweets, pancakes, paper pizzas, diagrams and number lines. We have begun to learn about equivalent fractions, learning that 1/4 is the same as 2/8 and 3/12, for example. 

In literacy, we have written our wonderful stories based on Who Let the Gods Out, working hard on our presentation, especially our joined cursive handwriting. Many more of us have now earned our pen licenses! 

Spring term  2 2020

Image result for usborne illustrated stories from the greek myths


During the second half of the Spring term year 4 will continue to explore the Ancient Greeks.

In Literacy we will be learning how to structure and write non chronological reports before then creating our own Greek myths.

In Maths our focus will be fractions . Here we will be using lots of practical equipment to deepen our understanding of what fractions are and how different fractions can be equivalent to eachother. Building upon our learning of decimals  from year 3 we will be investigating  tenths and hundreths in our decimals topic. 


Check out this link to improve your mental maths skills





Spring term  1 2020

Image result for who let the gods out ks2 writing

‘Who Let The Gods Out?’

This term we will be learning all about Ancient Greece.

Our class book will be ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’

In addition, we will be exploring a range of non-fiction information books and Greek myths and legends.

We will be learning about 

Ancient Greek culture, growing up in Ancient Greece , Ancient Greek myths, Ancient Greek beliefs, artistic achievements ,Ancient Greek warfare,  the origin of the  olympics, Ancient Greek lifestyle, the legacy of Ancient Greece and much more.

During Maths we begin with a focus on multiplication and division before then moving onto measurement, fractions and then finally decimals. 

Below are links to websites to practice your times tables 

Autumn Term 2019

We begin our busy Year with the Mini-topic of Congleton. During this 3 week topic, we will be exploring the history of our local area and how it has evolved over time.  Year Four will focus particularly on the high street and how it has changed year after.

If you have any photographs or information about the history of Congleton then please share your knowledge with us by sending in 'show and tell' with your child!  

For our first trip of the year, we will be walking to Congleton High Street to see the local area first hand.

In addition to this, we will be visiting Congleton Museum to get an even better understanding of Congleton’s past.

To start the year we will be reading the book...

 ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’.


It is an exciting story about the unlikeliest of heroes on an epic adventure.  

This book is one from a collection of books written by Joe Todd-Stanton.

Once we have completed our Congleton mini-topic, we will be moving onto the exciting topic called...

 ‘I Am Warrior’,

we will be learning all about the Roman Empire and their invasion of Britain.

During September we will venture to Chester to explore the Roman museum, participate in a Roman workshop and (most excitingly!) march alongside a Roman Soldier!

During Maths we begin with a focus on Place Value, looking at the value of digits in 4 digit numbers; ordering and comparing numbers; rounding numbers; and to match our topic, Roman numerals!

Later in the term, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction.

There will also be a BIG focus on Times Tables this year. Children will need to be able to instantly recall all multiplications up to 12 x 12 by the end of the year. This means no counting up in sequence; they need to know the answer FAST!! 

We will be sending home Times Tables each week for them to learn to instantly recall (3-second rule). Once they have proved that they know a particular table by heart they will move onto the next tables challenge (similar to how book bands work).  If they need a little longer learning the current times table they can carry it over for another week (or more). This will develop as time goes by gradually getting more difficult.  Pupils will be able to practise these in school and at home on a new app: Times Tables Rockstars, which has proven very popular!


Please check your child’s planner for their weekly spellings. They will be given out every Tuesday and will be tested on the following Tuesday afternoon. As well as this you will soon receive a login for our brand new, exciting website called ‘Spelling Shed’  It looks great!!

One of the most exciting parts of Year Four is swimming lessons. We will swim on a Friday, so please bring your kit on this day (black swimming costume or trunks). We have one other PE session which is on a Friday afternoon.

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