Year 3 2019 - 2020

Mr Ross

Welcome to Year 3!

Our teaching team this year is Mr. Ross (Class Teacher) and Mrs. Diorazio.

I am really looking forward to beginning my first year at Buglawton with a new class, getting to know both the children and their families. On this page, you will find information regarding homework and any key information for families. In addition, I will also share images and activities of our learning journey throughout 2019-20. 

March 2020

w/b 2nd March - On Thursday, Year 3 came dressed as our favourite book characters for World Book Day. As part of World Book Day, we wrote a story aimed at articulating the moral behind one of our school 'Bees to Success'. Our bee was Be Cooperative and a Team Player so we wrote about characters going to a puzzle land and each solving a puzzle to contribute to their team. We also contiuned our work on Rainforests, learnt how to ask for different food in French and began our topic on Length and Perimeter in Maths. 

February 2020

w/b 10th February - This Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. Year 3 delivered a presentation on Powerful Passwords including what makes a strong and a weak password (see photo below). We also continued our work on Money, including how to find change from different amounts and the subtraction of two amounts of money. 

January 2020

w/b 27th January - This week, Year 3 along with the rest of Buglawton had a visit from Ann who taught us about the Jewish festival of Passover. We had an assembly during the morning followed by a workshop focusing on the story from the Torah. This was an excellent opportunity for us to become inquisitive about another culture and religion. We have also begun our Maths topic on Money and learnt about the different layers of the rainforest. 


w/b 20th January - On Monday, Year 3 went to Chester Zoo. We had a fantastic time exploring and seeing the animals. Among others, we saw lions, jaguars, zebras and rhinos as well as learning more about the rainforest biome to link with our current class topic. Following this, we wrote about what makes the rainforest biome unique. See some images of our trip to Chester Zoo below. 

w/b 13th January - This week, as well as learning how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using the formal written method of multiplication and writing a first person narrative, we have begun an investigation on what plants need to grow. We have planted seeds in various condtions and will monitor them over the next week to measure their growth. 

Moving into the Spring term, our topic this term is Earth Matters. We will look at the different climates around the world and focus on rainforests, exploring where they are, the countries they are located in and their climates. We will also look at Climate Change and how this is impacting the world. Part of our History work this term will focus on the Extreme Weather events in Britain over the past 100 years and using primary and secondary sources to investigate them. 

October 2019

On 1st October, Year 3 went to Tatton Park to learn out more about Prehistoric Britain. We handled real Stone Age artefacts and completed workshops involving lots of different elements of Prehistoric Britain, including making a human timeline of the period. There are some images below showing an extremely fun and informative day out. 

September 2019

We start Year 3 with an exciting look back at Prehistoric Britain. Starting at the Stone Age, we will look at the development of civilisations throughout Britain all the way to the Iron Age. This will include the analysis of Stone Age settlements, Neolithic farms and the impact of the discovery of Bronze and Iron on how people in prehistoric times lived their lives. 

The topic will include a visit to Tatton Park, where we will engage in workshops related to this exciting period of history.


This term will begin with a topic entitled Animals Including Humans. This topic will look at the nutrition we need to stay alive as well as beginning to look at the skeleton and its functions. After half term, we will begin a topic on Rocks.


Our first block of work is Place Value. This ensures the basics of Year 3 Maths is embedded before we progress to the four operations later in the term. 


Over the course of the term, we will be reading a range of texts. However, the main text we will be working from is The Boy with the Bronze Axe by Kathleen Fidler. The link below provides an excellent synopsis of the story.

We will use the text to write a range of text types across the term as well as using our topic for the inspiration for some non-fiction writing.

Please see the Topic Web and Knowledge Organiser files for more information on the Autumn Term. 


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