Year 2 2020 - 2021

Mrs Roberts

IMPORTANT - If you are off school due to illness or isolation, then our school learning will be available on Google Classroom. All access to this page is via your child's log-in - please see their planner!   


Welcome to our fabulous Year 2!

Our teaching team includes Mrs Roberts our Class Teachers, and Mrs Weatherby-Gocol who is the class Teaching Assistant.


2020-2021 - 

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Year 2 is a busy but brilliant year, and we hope to share some of our adventures on this web page. 

After a very strange 6 months, we can't wait to see you all in September and get to know you all even more. 

* P.E will be taught on a MONDAY afternoon. Please COME INTO SCHOOL IN YOUR PE KIT on this day. 


Supporting children at home

Buglawton's Recovery Curriculum has given careful thought to the support that children need - academically and emotionally. Our approach will ensure children will be supported in covering any missed learning and allow them to 'catch up' after COVID stole away half of our year. Your ongoing support from home is greatly appreciated, and makes a massive difference to children's attainment! Here are some ways you can support in short, snappy bursts: 

Reading: It is the expectation at Buglawton that our pupils read every night. This only needs to be 5-10 minutes in a quiet room. Try to ask your child questions about the text. Can they predict what might happen? Who are the characters? Where is the scene set? What are the characters like?

Please write in your child's planner each time you read, so that we know when to change their book.

Phonics: Children need to know all phonic sounds in Year 2. They will be sent home with a sheet of the phonic sounds and should practise a quick recap of these sounds regularly. Perhaps something to do over breakfast? For example, 'ph' - what is this sound? Can you tell me 3 words that have the 'ph' sound in?

 Phase 3 sounds        Phase 5 sounds

Spellings: Spellings will be learned using the online app Spelling Shed. The children will have usernames and passwords where they can go online and learn their spellings in a fun and exciting way. There will have a mini quiz on a Friday.

Times table Rockstars and Numbots: Use the same password. You should have these from Year 1 but we will resend them in September in your new reading/communication planners.

Parents' Evening Documents

During our Parents' Evening this week, we may refer to some of the below documents. Please look through them and utilise them at home if you're able smiley

Phonics Practice Sheets

Phase 3 sounds

Phase 5 sounds

Cursive Letter Formation

Year One Level Addition and Subtraction

Year Two Place Value and Number Booklet

Many children are doing an INCREDIBLE job reading at home - we are beyond proud so thank you for your continuing support! Lots of children are so enthusiastic that they read all of their book in one evening. We are trying to encourage children to read not just for fluency but also for understanding, so we are encouraging the children to keep their books for 2-3 nights, but complete some follow up learning if they have already read the whole book. This could include a fact file about something they've learned, a poster advertising the book to other children, a comic strip depicting some or all of the story, or a character close up, where the children take their favourite character and draw/write about them.

Our Learning Journey

Autumn Term 2

It's been so good having all of the children back in school - we're not sure what they've been having for breakfast but they've been coming in very ready for action and applying themselves VERY well! 

This term is always a busy term. In Maths, we are continuing with Addition and Subtraction, focusing on numbers within 100. We encourage children to use numbots and TTRs to embed this learning further at home. 

In Literacy, children have been immersed in their new text, although they haven't seen the book yet! They found a note in the classroom alongside a hidden key, and some further objects such as a walking stick, some paintbrushes, a hat, and a toy boat, and they have made predictions about what the story could be about. 

This week, our 'Above and Beyond' pupil was announced in our first official Stars on Stage assembly! It was very exciting having a virtual whole school assembly, and the children were so proud when MORGAN's name was announced! 

He has shown a real focused attitude to learning this week, getting on with his spellings every morning and being a superstar in phonics - in fact his phonic score has gone from 17/40 in September to 37/40 now! WOW! 


Autumn Term 1

We aren't sure where the last 6 weeks have gone! Time is flying by, and we hope the children are enjoying school as much as we are. 

In Maths, we have moved on from the Place Value unit, and we are beginning to explore Addition and Subtraction. All of these skills prepare children for strong steps going forward. 

In Literacy, we have continued to explore the mysterious creature spotted in Buglawton! Mrs. Chapman advised us that it could be a BOG BABY - so we read through the book and linked the clues together. 

Image result for Bog Bbaby

 Children have spent time using adjectives and verbs to describe a Bog Baby, and then practised using these in sentences with capital letters, full stops, and even some commas! Look out next week for children's very own Bog Baby creation laugh


Some of you at home may have heard about the mysterious creature that was spotted around Buglawton over the weekend, leaving blue, sparkly trails everywhere it went...

WELL, we found evidence of it ON OUR SCHOOL GROUNDS TODAY! The excitement was overwhelming! 

What could it be? Why is it around Buglawton? Is it lost?! We jut don't know... but a few children think they spotted a tentacled creature in the trees! 



It's been another busy week in Year 2, this week completing lots of start of the year assessments. The children have has an extremely positive and try-hard attitude towards these, and surpassed our expectations in terms of their attitude towards multiple tests! 

In Computing, the children have been focusing on E-safety. We have discussed who we can talk to if we have a problem when we are online, and we also discussed our 'digital footprint', and the fact that the internet remembers everything. 

In Science, the children are learning about the 'Uses of Materials'. This week, they focused on learning the tricky vocabulary such as 'translucent', 'opaque', 'flexible' and 'rough' etc. I wonder if they can spot any different materials in their house? 

This week we have sent home some phonics practice sheets. The children will be taking the official Phonics Screening Test before Christmas and will be expected to read a range of real and nonsense words. The official pass rate is 32/40, and with your support from home, we are confident that most children will pass laugh Encourage children to take their time (there is no time limit on the test), to spot the tricky digraphs and trigraphs, make sure that they aren't confusing b's and d's or adding 's' onto the end of words!   

 Phonics Practice Sheets


The children are now into the swing of our routine and settling in well. As well as working hard at school, many children are completing their home learning activities regularly, which is AWESOME! We have launched Spelling Shed, Times Table Rockstars and Numbots this week, and are urging children to have a little time on these apps at home if possible, as it really supports their in-school learning. 

The children pictured below earned a special certificate from Miss Kennerley today for outstanding efforts in Home Learning since we returned 3 weeks ago - they've read nearly EVERY DAY! Wow, well done, guys laugh

Well done to all children for their efforts at home. We know time is precious after school and work, and we appreciate every effort from parents and grandparents to support learning! yes


Another fantastic week had by all in Year Two! Mrs. Glimmerveen has been very impressed with children's efforts in Maths, where they have been exploring Place Value in two-digit numbers. Mrs. Stamp has been amazed at children's writing too! We learned all about adjectives, then described an animal of our choice for our 'All About Planet Earth' book. See some amazing writing below!


Aren't they amazing! laugh

First day back! 

What a fantastic day we've all had! We are SO PROUD of the children's incredible bravery and resilience at their return to school this morning - not a wobble at all! We've spent the day getting to know each other, talking about feelings and making 'Feelings Monsters' (see pictures below!), playing games in the hall and crafting. The children ALL ended up on the Shout Out Board for our target of 'Being smiley', so we ended the day with an AMAZING 3 minute disco. If they don't sleep well tonight, they never will...!!! 


Friday 4th September

We can't tell you how proud we are of the children this week. They have walked into school every morning like they've never been away, with a positive attitude and enthusiasm to be at school! As teachers, we weren't sure whether we would be 'teaching' this week, or just helping the children adapt, but the Year Twos have been amazing; enjoying Maths challenges and making us WOW with some incredible summer holiday sentences laugh

We are busy completing initial assessments on reading, Maths and phonics, so please bear with us while we try really hard to get book bands accurate. Children have been told about a special 'prize' that is available to those who read every night at home, so if they seem extra enthusiastic that could be why! We know life is busy, but even if you could read 2 pages, every little helps! 

Have a fab weekend!


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