Year 1 2020 - 2021

Mrs Leech


Our Learning Journey 2020-2021

Summer Term

Oh I do like to be besides the Seaside!

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We have an exciting new story to share with the children during the first half of the Summer Term: The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton. We will continue using the talk for writing approach to introduce the children to the story and immerse them in the art of story telling. 

Through our topic we will be continuing to learn about the Geography of the UK and comparing and contrasting locations such as woodland, towns and seaside towns. We will learn how to locate the UK on the globe, maps and in Atlases and name the four seas around the UK. Later on in the term we will be learning about seaside holidays and the Victorian history surrounding them. Through Science we will be continuing to learn about animals including humans and seasonal changes. We will then move on to study materials and their properties. 

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The Gruffalo

In Maths we are concentrating on the essential learning in Y1 Maths - 

Number and Place Value                                                                                                                                          Count within 100, forwards and backwards, starting with any number.                                                Reason about the location of numbers to 20 within the linear number system, including comparing  using < > and =

Number Facts                                                                                                                                         Develop fluency in addition and subtraction facts within 10.                                                                 Count forwards and backwards in multiples of 2, 5 and 10, up to 10 multiples, beginning with any multiple, and count forwards and backwards through the odd numbers.

Addition and Subtraction                                                                                                                                  Compose numbers to 10 from 2 parts, and partition numbers to 10 into parts, including recognising  odd and even numbers.                                                                                                                              Read, write, and interpret equations containing addition, subtraction and equals symbols, and relate additive expressions and equations to real-  life contexts. 

Geometry                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Recognise common 2D and 3D shapes presented in different orientations, and know that rectangles, triangles, cuboids, and pyramids are not  always similar to one another.                                                                                                                                                                                  Compose 2D and 3D shapes from smaller shapes to match an example, including manipulating shapes to place them in particular orientations.

Spring Term

Into the Woods

This term we are exploring narratives with woodland settings and using them to help us retell our own woodland themed stories. We shall be beginning with ‘The Gruffalo’ - Julia Donaldson and then ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ - Maurice Sendak. We will then continue by delving into a new book unfamiliar to the children. All will be revealed so shh don't give it away! During the Spring Term we will be learning about captions, lists and labels. We will be writing character and setting descriptions and writing our very own 'Into the Woods narrative'. We will celebrate our writing journey at the end of the term with an independent writing piece retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Our Science Topic is Animals including humans and in Geography we will be learning about The United Kingdom.

Our Maths focus is Addition and Subtraction within 20 and place value within 50. Check out the Y1 Maths Corner here.

Check out the Y1 ‘Into the Woods Topic Corner’ and the Y1 Google Classroom page for ideas and a whole half term of lessons on our theme.



Autumn Term 2

We are really enjoying our class book 'Paper Planes'. We have been making our own paper planes and exploring the character's feelings and the language in the story.

Please check out our Y1 Google Classroom for ideas and activities to go with the story.

Here is an online version of Paper Planes.

Jim Helmore and Richard Jones’s Paper Planes beautifully captures the intensity of those all-consuming childhood friendships, and the feelings that arise when you don’t get a say in the big things that happen in your life. Like your best friend Ben moving far, far away.

Interestingly, this story follows Mia, the child who is left behind.

Ben and Mia had grand plans to build a paper plane that could fly all the way across the lake and Mia is left wondering how their friendship and their grand design will survive now that they live so far away from each other.



Autumn Term 1

A big well done and a huge thank you to everyone in Y1 who donated items for our Harvest Challenge. We did really well with our list and even made this week's newsletter! 

This week we have started a new story and are having lots of fun exploring the story and adding actions to help us remember the language.

You can find out more about David Lucas, the author, here:

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W/C 28.9..2020

This week in Y1 we have been measuring our beans and recording their growth in our bean diaries. Some of them have grown so big that they are now ready to be planted into pots. 

We are learning that our beans need water, soil, nutrients, and sunlight to help them grow. 


W/C 14.09.2020

Y1 has been busy this week doing lots of Maths investigations.

We have sorted, counted, and represented objects within 10 and we have been learning how to count backward.


W/C 7.09.2020

Wow! What an amazing first few weeks we have had in Y1.

The children all look so grown up and have returned to school ready and willing to learn.

Have a peek at all the fun and interesting things that we have been doing in Y1 in our focused learning times and continuous provision.


Important information about Year 1:

We are really looking forward to welcoming Year 1 back to Buglawton and to KS1. We are all looking forward to getting to know our new class and parents and support your transition back to school. As we haven't had the opportunity to provide the usual transition activities, we hope this page provides some of the information which will allow you to feel confident about starting in September. 

When we return in September, you will have time to settle into the new environment and as a school we are doing a lot to ensure your transition back to school is as smooth as it can be.

During the first two/three weeks we will be completing a whole school project based on the book ‘Here We Are’ written by Oliver Jeffers.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any external school trips in the Autumn term, but that certainly won't stop us from providing exciting and engaging topics to keep us all inspired and enthusiastic about.

School may look and feel a little different when you first start back. But don’t worry we are all here to help you settle back in and enjoy your learning.

Absence from School:

IMPORTANT - If you are off school due to illness or isolation, then our school learning will be available on Google Classroom. However, we have noticed that a few parents are not part of this system, so will be unable to access the work at the moment. To join Google Classroom, go to the webpage ( and log in with your child's Google Login (found in their planner)

Year 1 Learning

All children have a planner that goes home every day. This is a communication tool between school and home providing space for messages to be passed on and a record of when reading has taken place. In Y1 children have a 1-1 reading session and a guided reading session every week. During an individual reading session, we focus on recognising sounds, learning ‘tricky words’, and comprehension. 


In Year 1 children begin to use the Spelling Shed scheme to help learn their spellings. The children will be given a username and password, and if the app is downloaded at home on a tablet, phone, or accessed via the website, children can practise their spellings through a variety of games. The children's efforts and progress is trackable, and they enter a 'Super League' of spellers, both within our school and the country! 


Children have the opportunity to practice number bonds to 10 through 'Learn Its' which are taken home on a Friday. We have our Big Maths Beat That challenge every Friday morning where children have the opportunity to show how they are getting on. Termly 'Learn Its' can be found at the back of your child's planner.


In all Topics, children are encouraged to complete an optional home learning task in an area of their choice. 


Children will have PE every Friday (updated in November). 

On this day, please come to school in your PE Kits ready to go! No other change of clothes is necessary. 

During Autumn Term, we will be running a more focussed curriculum, with lots of Maths, Reading and Writing as well as Science, PE, Computing, and lots of PSHE activities. 

Finally, it would be brilliant if we could read with an adult at home every day for ten minutes.

In Year One, we also like to celebrate learning that we have done at home and we encourage one another to share projects, special news and places that we have visited. We do this through 'show and tell', which will take place on a Friday afternoon.

We would like to share with you the philosophy that will underpin all of our learning this year.

Year One is a great place to be, a place where there will always be a buzz of learning and a place where we will learn a lot through play, hard work and being part of the team.


Welcome to Year 1! 

Our teaching team this year includes Mrs. Leech/ Mrs Lwin Class Teachers (Monday - Thursday afternoon), Mrs. Bonell - Class Teacher (Thursday PM - Friday), Mrs. Bradley, and Ms. Wishart.


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