Year 1 2019 - 2020

Mrs Leech

Welcome to Year 1! 

Our teaching team this year includes Mrs. Leech - Class Teacher (Monday - Thursday), Mrs. Murray - Class Teacher (Friday), Mrs. Bradley and Mrs. Weatherby-Gocol.

On this page, you will find links to useful homework information, parent presentations, and topic overviews. We will also share the activities that we have been enjoying together as a class and some of our key whole school events.

Year 1 Learning

Children will have PE every Friday morning but please make sure that kits are in school every day! 

We will have new spellings and Maths 'Learn its' to take home and practise on a Friday. 

We will also have some optional topic-based home learning tasks that we might enjoy exploring and creating at home – more details will be posted here on a weekly basis.

Finally, it would be brilliant if we could read with an adult at home every day for ten minutes.

In Year One, we also like to celebrate learning that we have done at home and we encourage one another to share projects, special news and places that we have visited. We do this through 'show and tell', which will take place on a Friday afternoon.

We would like to share with you the philosophy that will underpin all of our learning this year.

Year One is a great place to be, a place where there will always be a buzz of learning and a place where we will learn a lot through play, hard work and being part of the team.


Our Learning Journey

Spring Term

This half term our topic will be Up, up and Away!

Come fly with us as we explore the skies. Children will learn about the history of flight. We will be taking a close look at the important people who pioneered aviation. There will be opportunities for designing and creating our very own flying machines and children are encouraged to share the fantastic creations that they make at home. Scroll to the bottom of this page for some inspiration from the short movie 'Taking Flight'.

As part of our stunning start to the topic we have learned about Icarus, the man who wanted to fly but travelled too close to the sun. Our enquiry question was:

'How long have humans dreamed of flying?'  

We thought carefully about the questions that we wanted to ask and then recorded them in our English books focussing on our sentence composition and checking our work afterwards.

In Maths we have been partitioning tens and ones and thinking about what this looks like. We have used objects and drawings to represent our findings.

In History we are beginning to learn about the ancient history of flight and how the Wright brothers were amongst the first pioneers to bring flight into the modern era.

In Art we are exploring colour mixing and investigating the primary colours of Art. In DT we are using paper mache to begin to make our hot air balloon designs.

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to subtract by using Numicon and number lines to help us. You could help your child by collecting objects up to 20 and using them to subtract. 

In English we have finished re-telling our story and we are beginning to make up our own lost toy stories. We have used lots of talk for writing to practise what we are going to write first.

In Topic we have looked at the history of Victorian Toys and the children have taken a peg home to make peg characters just like poor children may have done in the past.

Image result for lost in the toy museumThis week we are continuing to story map our class story 'Lost in the Toy Museum' by David Lucas. We are re-telling the story and focusing on using capital letters, finger spaces, adjectives, connectives, and full stops. 

Our Focus this week in Maths is on addition within 20. We are learning to work systematically when solving number and worded problems.

In our Topic, the children have decided that they would like to investigate and make simple Victorian toys using paper and card. In DT we will be planning and making a Jack in The Box and examining levers and pulleys in the toys we play with.

Autumn term

For the first three weeks, we are following a whole-school theme in our topic-based learning around our town: Congleton. Year One is focusing on Buglawton Primary School's history and our immediate locality. If you have any local links then be prepared to share your memories and when you are out and about, you may like to point out some of the main features and buildings of interest in our lovely town!

In week four, we will begin our 'Into The Woods' topic. 

We will be having a very exciting day on Monday 23rd September to launch our topic. We will be working in our school grounds all day to: build dens, search for hidden animals, make stick men and tell stories to name just a few of our activities. We will be learning about survival skills in the woods and having lots of fun! If you would like to see how our topic is woven into our curriculum, please look out below for the topic overview. 

One of our main authors this term is Julia Donaldson.  

Spring Term -  Toys / Up, up and away!

Summer Term - Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!



Children are expected to read every day at home and this is to be recorded in the planner by an adult.  


This year we are beginning to use the Spelling Shed scheme to help children learn their spellings. The children will be given a username and password, and if the app is downloaded at home on a tablet, phone, or accessed via the website, children can practise their spellings through a variety of games. The children's efforts and progress is trackable, and they enter a 'Super League' of spellers, both within our school and the country! 


Children have the opportunity to practice number bonds to 10 through 'Learn Its' which are taken home on a Friday. We have our Big Maths Beat That challenge every Friday morning where children have the opportunity to show how they are getting on. Termly 'Learn Its' can be found at the back of your child's planner.


In all Topics, children are encouraged to complete an optional home learning task in an area of their choice. See the attached home learning document for more ideas.

Autumn Term

This week Y1 visited St. John's Church and the old school hall. We are learning about the history of our school and we found out that it all began on the St. John's church site.

Later on in the day, we visited the library and then went to Congleton Town Hall for lunch. We topped the day off with a walk back through Congleton Park. We looked at the River Dane and pointed out features of interest in our beautiful town.

Image result for congleton town hall

In Y1 we had a great time celebrating our Into The Woods Topic Launch.

We made wild things mud faces, collected and identified leaves and seeds and even had time to have a fire with toasted marshmallows!


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