Reception 2020 - 2021

Mrs Abraham


Our Learning Journey

Summer Term 1

Well, what a lovely term we have had! The children have made incredible progress this term and are proving that they are ready to move up to Year 1. 

In Phonics, our groups have been working really hard. We have been focusing on segmenting and blending trickier ccvc and cvcc words, so that our words have all the sounds we can hear. We have also been making sure we have capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of every sentence we write.

In Maths, we moved on to numbers up to 20. We looked at the make-up of each number, recognising that they are made up of tens and ones. We have also been working on our addition and subtraction skills, using lots of resources to support our learning.

Our topic ‘Once upon a time’ meant we could read lots of lovely traditional stories. Our three focus texts were Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man. We did LOTS of lovely role play, writing and artwork based around the texts, finishing the topic by investigating whether the Gingerbread Man would float or sink if he fell into the river.  

As we move into the final term, we ‘Journey’ into the unknown. The boys and girls can’t wait to see where they travel to. Watch this space to find out where we go!

collage 2.PNG

Spring Term 2

We have had the best half term ever!! Our topic ‘How does your garden grow’ has enabled us to plant lots of flowers and vegetables around our outdoor area. We learnt about what plants need to grow, grew our own beanstalks and made close observations on our cress. By the end of the term, we moved on to learn about which minibeasts help our gardens grow. We went on a bug hunt around our school and looked closely at similarities and differences between the minibeasts we found in our own playground. To support our learning of life cycles we have been caring for our very own tadpoles. By the last week, most of our frogspawn had hatched and little tadpoles wriggled around the fish tank.

In Phonics we split up into groups, so that we could really focus on the sounds we were struggling with. We have been working on our letter formation and using our phonics to help us write some super sentences.  

In Maths, we have consolidated our learning of numbers to 10. We have used lots of concrete resources to help us make number bonds to 10 and made our very own pictorial representations of number doubles. To end the term, we enjoyed searching for 3D shapes and weighing objects we found around the classroom.

In the last week, we had lots of fun at our school disco and of course, hunting for some yummy Easter eggs. We are so happy to be back together again, these photos just prove it…

Spring Term 1

Well, it certainly has been a strange term but I just have to start by saying how proud I am of the Reception children! Although most of them have been learning at home, the engagement and enthusiasm has truly been amazing and it has been lovely to see how the children have adapted during these tricky times!!

In Phonics, we completed Phase 3 including those really tricky trigraphs: ‘air’, ‘ear’ and ‘ure’. We played lots of fun games to consolidate our sound knowledge, continuing to blend and segment words which contained all the phonemes we have learnt since September.

In Maths, we moved on to numbers 6, 7 and 8. We worked really hard at place value, comparing numbers and combining two groups to find the total. We have also learnt some lovely rhymes to help us with our number formation.  

Alongside all this wonderful learning, we have had lots of fun through our topic ‘Superheroes’. We’ve made masks and capes, helped Supertato save the day and made our own superhero callout signs to name just a few!

Here are some fabulous photos to showcase our learning both in school and at home. We can’t wait to see what the children do next!

Autumn Term 2

This term certainly started with a BANG! We have had lots of fun learning about Guy Fawkes and his connection to bonfire night. As we continued learning through our topic 'Now and Then', we used our comparison skills to compare people, places, objects and events. The boys and girls brought their favourite toys in from home, to share and compare with their friend’s toys in class. They have had lots of fun hunting for the teddies sounds hidden around our outdoor area, selling toys in our very own toy shop, and making posters for Mrs Abraham's lost rabbit. 

In Phonics, we moved on to Phase 3 where the sounds we learnt became that little bit trickier!! The children were introduced to the final single letter sounds as well as the most common digraphs (two letter that make a single sound such as ‘ch’ and ‘oo’) and trigraphs (three letters that make a single sound e.g. ‘igh’).

In Maths, we continued looking really closely at the number 1, 2 and 3. And then moved on to 4 and 5.  We used a variety of practical resources to help us look at the composition of these numbers, including 5 frames and part part whole models. We also worked on finding one more and one less, compared shapes and began to look at the concept of time.

To end the term, we turned out classroom into a Santa’s grotto and helped him to wrap all his presents! Glitter was everywhere but we had lots of fun making some beautiful pieces of art and role playing the story of ‘The Christmas Nativity’.

Autumn Term 1

What a fabulous start to life in Reception the children have had!! We began our journey completing a whole school project based on the book ‘Here We Are’ written by Oliver Jeffers. We were thrilled to see lots of happy faces each morning! The children worked hard at establishing routines, sitting and listening and amazing us with their enthusiasm for learning!

In Phonics, we learnt lots of phase 2 sounds. We practised saying the sounds correctly, blending sounds together and even segmenting sounds within words to help with our writing.

In Maths, we worked on matching and sorting numbers. We then compared different amounts of toys, looked at the size of teddy bears, weight food, measured different containers for magic potions and explored patterns in our environment. By the end of the half term, we began to look at numbers in depth, representing the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in lots of different ways.

We loved learning about special celebrations linking to our topic 'Then and Now'. We talked about the importance of birthdays and anniversaries and compared these to other religious celebrations. We enjoyed learning about the importance of Harvest, where our food comes from, and how it is farmed. The children rose to the challenge of collecting every single item from Mr. Jervis' Harvest food collection list (and EVEN MORE)!!! We were overjoyed with the generosity of our Reception families - so very kind!!!




Hello, we are the Reception class! Welcome to our page smiley     

Mrs Abraham is our class teacher and Mrs Heathcote and Miss Painter are our Teaching Assistants. Click the pictures below to watch videos from them...


In Reception, we learn through play focusing on all aspects of the children's development. During a typical day, we have fun learning phonics, literacy, and maths whilst encouraging and considering the children's physical and social development.  

Things to know

All children have a planner that goes home every day. This is a communication tool between school and home providing space for messages to be passed on and a record of when reading has taken place. In reception, each child is heard reading twice a week. We also focus on recognising sounds and learning ‘tricky words’ which are words we will need to recognise in books. New sounds and tricky words are sent home when the children are ready and confident in their learning. 

We experience a broad and balanced curriculum based on the learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage – Physical, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Please go to:  to access your child’s learning journey. User names and passwords have been issued.

Mrs Abraham will be at the classroom door before and after school every day, so please do not hesitate to come and ask any questions!

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