In the Summer term 2018, Buglawton Primary took over the running of the on-site pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds. Most of the children come to Buglawton after finishing at the pre-school and so we are keen to provide a strong transition.

As part of our strong working relationship, the pre-school and Reception Class have regular joint activities.  This enables the pre-school children to get to know the school and its environment before they start, which helps them to settle quicker and more easily.

Before children start at school, they have a visit at home from the Reception class teacher and the Deputy headteacher.  This informal visit gives parents the opportunity to talk to the school about their child and gives the child the opportunity to meet their new teacher in a relaxed and familiar environment.  Children then come for taster sessions at school which ends with a whole day visit.  We find that this approach means that children settle really well into school life when they start full time in September.

For further information about Buglawton Pre-School, please call the school office on 01260 633080