Y2/3 Residential 2015 – Peak Ventures

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Mr Norris 330pm

After a false start this morning, the children arrived safely at 330pm following a lunch at the museum as planned.

When I heard from Mr Utteridge, the children were busy unpacking, before they begin their jam-packed programme of activities.

Watch this space for further updates...

Mr Utteridge 9pm

Had a big dinner and settled down to a dvd. All the children were treated to a hot chocolate and now it is time for bed!!!!!!!

Good Morning from Kingswood Peak Adventure Mr Norris and everybody!

Yesterday was awesome! We took part in loads of activities and even had a good go at making our own beds.  Most of us slept really well after a movie blitz of Gnomeo and Juliet - the teachers enjoyed this as much as us! We had delicious hot chocolate and all remembered to clean our teeth.

This morning we have had a big cooked breakfast to set us up for the day.  Today we will be bouldering, den building and night line to name just a few of our activities. We will update you later. Bye for now Y2 & Y3 :)

Good morning everybody,

The rest of our day yesterday was jam packed with activities, we didn't have a minute to spare. Some of us discovered hidden talents for quad biking, dance ejay and laser quest to name just a few.  Even when the teachers thought they were safely hidden, some of us managed to sneak up and wipe them out in lazer!

After an evening meal of tacos or pizza we hit the showers and got ready for our camp fire.  What a night - we told jokes and sang until we lost our voices.  The best bit by far was toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate!

Funnily enough we slept like logs - we were all asleep by 10.30 and some of us even had to be woken up this morning.

We've just had a continental breakfast and are ready for our last two activities and a trip to the shop - looking forward to seeing you all later bye for now from Y2 & Y3 :)