‘A Snowdonia Outdoor Adventure’

Our Year 4, 5 & 6 Residential for 2015.


  • The Arete Outdoor Education Centre near Llanberis in North Wales


  •  Monday 16th – Friday 20th March 2015






It was a truly amazing week.  The children learnt so much.  It was about so much more than just taking part in the activities.  Leadership, mentoring, independence, responsibility and resillience were all encouraged as well as facing fears, the forming of new friendships and having lots of fun.  We kept a diary through the week and these are some of the comments that the children made in it:

Highlights of the Week

  • This has been the best trip ever. (Ruth)
  • My highlight of the week was when I faced my fear by rock climbing.  I was really chuffed when I made a great new friend.  I’m so proud of myself. (Katie B)
  • My highlight was abseiling. (Charlie)
  • I loved the ‘Nightline’ activity because I really enjoyed helping the blindfolded people and when I achieved helping them to the end it made me feel special. (Cody)
  • I really enjoyed the orienteering. (Brandon)
  • My highlight of the week was when we did canoeing and walking in the quarry because I liked learning about the people who worked there. (Katie T)
  • I loved the gorge walk. (Daniella)
  • I loved doing our first activity which was walking up the slate mountain and doing team building activities on it.(Molly C)
  • My highlight was when I went on the beach and found three fish, five crabs, five baby crabs and four starfish.(Rimini)
  • My highlight was when we went on the waterfall slide. (Sophie)
  • My highlight of the week was canoeing because we all worked together as a team and helped each other. (Libby S)
  • My highlight of the week was getting to know everyone. (Michael)
  • My highlight of the week was all the care and support that the instructors gave us. (Josh)
  • My highlight was all of the activities and getting to know new people and making new friends and also helping our instructor. (Eleanor W)
  • My highlight was gorge scrambling because it was very fun to do. (Lorenzo)
  • I have loved all of this week but if I had to pick a favourite part it would be the rock climbing and abseiling and I liked the hot chocolate at the top. (Eleanor N)
  • My highlight was canoeing and climbing especially when Brandon fell in the water and his wellie came off and the instructor had to fish it out!.  Climbing was my favourite though! (Hannah D)
  • I enjoyed the gorge walking and rock climbing because they were a challenge. (Reece)
  • I conquered my fear of heights. (Joseph)
  • I was chuffed with myself because I actually rock climbed and managed to climb up really high. (Katie B)


We arrived at midday after a smooth journey.  After making beds and unpacking, we ate lunch and sorted our kit for the week.

The afternoon was spent exploring a slate mine at Electric Mountain (Dinorwig) near Llanberis.  The groups took part in some team building exercises, enjoyed seeing the stunning scenery including views of Mount Snowdon and walked around the area.

We enjoyed fish and chips and cheesecake for dinner before heading out again for some night-time orienteering by torchlight.

Quotes from the Day:

'My favourite part was the orienteering' (Eleanor N)

'I liked when we walked up the big hill' (Libby G)

'I liked when we saw all of the old machinery and also settling into our dorms' (Stephanie)

'I liked orienteering and the slate mountain' (Lorenzo)

'My favourite bit so far is when we saw Mt Snowdon' (Jacob)


10pm - everyone is settled in bed and the lights are out.

8am. Everyone was silent and asleep by 10pm and slept through. We are all up, washed and dressed and the children have already made their own sandwiches. We are just waiting for breakfast - it's sausages and hash browns today.

There were two different activities today.  Two groups were exploring mines whilst the other group were gorge walking.  The weather was good today which meant great views of the mountains as we drove to where we were doing our activities.

Highlights of the day:

* standing under a waterfall

* emptying out wellies full of 'gorge juice'

* sailing across an underground lake on a dinghy

* eating lunch by candlelight

* jumping into pools and the lake

Quotes from the Day:

'I loved swimming in the lake' (Eleanor W) (so did Mrs Eddie, even if it was a little bit cold!)

'All the mines were amazing because you travelled with torches.  Secondly, you travelled in a boat on floor one and thirdly, you got to eat sandwiches on the floor of the dark, spooky cave.  It was amazing.' (George)

'My favourite bit was walking up the mountain to get to the mine' (Lorenzo)

'Exploring the mines was incredible and so was walking through the forest and down the mountain.  Today couldn't have been better!' (Hannah M)

'Today I enjoyed going gorge walking all the way up the waterfall, although I slipped twice.  At the end, we went in the lake and swam for a while and even got to tip out our welly juice.' (Joseph)


We had soup, pizza and then apple crumble for tea.  Everyone was starving!

19.30: Some children have gone out for a night walk whilst the others are preparing for a special birthday party.

11pm: Everyone is in bed and asleep after lots of fun playing party games and eating cake. All are looking forward to another day of adventures tomorrow.

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg on toast.  Everyone up and ready for activities.


Today the groups did different activities.  Group 1 spent the day at Lake Padarn canoeing and doing some bushcraft.  They had to paddle to a lunch spot, build and light a fire and then cook pancakes on it.  Toasted marshmallows followed. They looked like they had had an amazing day of adventures. They also played balancing games on the boats which resulted in a lot of wet children!  Group 2 spent the morning facing challenging climbs and an abseil down the rock face.  They also spent the afternoon at the lake, canoeing and toasting marshmallows.  Group 3 went to a beach near Porthmadog where they created beach art and did some scrambling.  In the afternoon, they visited a gorge which they climbed and stood underneath a waterfall.

Spaghetti Bolognaise was a very welcome meal for dinner - there were lots of second helpings and clear plates.  The chocolate trifle for pudding was delicious.

Part one of the Buglawton Pool Tournament took place this evening, followed by a quiz.  All of this fresh air means we all need an early night tonight!

Highlights of the Day:

* Chocolate trifle

* Very competitive games of pool

* Tossing pancakes over an outdoor fire

* Jumping into the lake from the canoes

* Climbing to the top of the rock face

Quotes of the Day:

'I really enjoyed climbing up the challenging rock face' Megan

'I really enjoyed gorge scrambling and the teamwork involved.' Leah

'I loved when I did bushcraft and I oasted marchmalloes and it went black.  I took the black bit off and the melted mallow came out. Yum yum!' Rimini

'I really enjoyed walking along the rocks at the beach' Libby G

8am: Everyone is up, dressed and packed lunches are made. The children slept well last night and most had to be woken up by the teachers this morning. They are becoming expert sandwich makers - they'll be able to make their own lunches at home from now on!

10pm: It has been another packed day. We had a slightly slower than normal start to the day and after a leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs, we set off for our day's activities. Group 1 went to the beach and did some rockpooling followed by a gorge scramble. Group 2 spent the day exploring a mine and Group 3 were canoeing and doing some bushcraft. Mr Norris also joined us at lunchtime and stayed until the evening. Dinner was roast pork with stuffing and vegetables followed by chocolate gateaux.

Our evening activity (after trying to pack our belongings away) was a nightline: completing an obstacle course around and outside the centre wearing a blindfold.

Highlights of the Day:

* finding starfish at the beach

* flipping pancakes

* eating lunch by candlelight and hiking back down the mountain in the bright sunshine

8am: everyone is up, dressed and packed.  We are having our breakfast (today it is beans on toast) and then heading out to cram in one last activity.

This morning, Groups One and Three were rock climbing and abseiling at rock faces near Lake Padarn.  Group Two travelled to Anglesey and spent the morning at Porth Nobla beach.  They made a fire and then cooked pancakes and toasted marshmallows and had some time to explore the rockpools and collect shells.

12.30pm: we have set off and should be home for 3pm.


Highlights of the Day:

* trying to fit all of belongings back into our bags

* finding crabs in rockpools

* tossing pancakes on the beach

* overcoming fears of heights and getting to the top of the climb

Quotes of the Day:

I really enjoyed going to the beach to make pancakes, toast marshmallows and I found loads of beautiful shells. (Katie B)

I loved looking for shells on the shoreline. (Eleanor W)

I wasn't really amazingly happy when rock climbing but when I stopped for a breather and calmed down, I soon found my focus. (Leah)

I liked it when we got to experience the eclipse while rock climbing and abseiling. (Hannah M)

I loved bushcraft today. (Daniella)

Today, at the start, I was really scared to abseil but after I enjoyed it lots. (Molly K)