At Buglawton, we always aim to be the best we can be at everything that we do. We are proud of our school and all that we accomplish whether that is individually or as a whole. We work very hard in the classroom, achieving excellent academic results. However, just as important as results are the opportunities for the children to excel in activities outside the classroom. And this they certainly do, regularly taking part in sporting competitions with a great deal of success, notably in football, tag rugby and high-5s. At Buglawton, we really do strive to “Be the Best We Can”.

The Buglawton Bees to Success and How they Help our Learning Grow

At Buglawton, we firmly believe that intelligence is not fixed and that we can build our learning power by understanding NOT JUST WHAT TO LEARN but HOW TO LEARN.

Our 6 Buglawton Bees below help our children understand that we really can help our learning grow. Wherever there is teaching and learning going on at Buglawton, you will find our Bees busily buzzing around!