PE and Sports Grant

Buglawton  Primary School is using the PE funding to raise the standard of teaching in PE across the whole school, to offer a wider range of sporting activities, to give the children more opportunities to engage in competitions and to encourage healthy lifestyles.


Our PE grant will be used – 


      To promote and engage children through sports competitions and games. For both KS1 and KS2 pupils. 

      To promote positive behaviour through termly sporting reward days in which children will be able to engage with unfamiliar yet exciting sports. (such as the  archery morning)

      To enhance children’s attitudes towards healthy lifestyles through educating their food choices and increasing their knowledge of the importance of daily exercise.

      To give multiple opportunities afterschool for children to learn new skills and participate in sports which they may not have tried before.

      To enhance links with local primary and secondary schools therefore giving opportunity for children to compete and work collaboratively as a team within real competitions and games.

      To continue to enter out of school sporting events and competitions.

      To increase the selection of after school/ lunch time clubs to encourage a higher rate of participation.

      To present external sports companies and clubs to the children, lending opportunity for children to work with adults with different skill sets and experiences. Furthermore to show  children the opportunities available outside of school.  (Local clubs, box to be fit, skip to be fit.)


( please see attached document for further information. pe-grant-statement)