Mrs Bonell is our class teacher with Mrs Banks, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Parry, Mrs Sharples and Miss Sheard as our TAs.

We have P.E. sessions on Wednesday and Friday. Homework is given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Thursday morning. In Key Stage Two you can bring in snack money every day if you get peckish and you’ll need to tell us each morning whether you would like a packed lunch or a school dinner.


As a school, we believe that intelligence is not fixed and that we all have the potential ‘To be the best we can be!’ Throughout the year we will reflect on how our mindsets can be affecting or helping our learning. In our classroom we have a ‘Learning Pit’ which encourages us to remember that learning is a journey.

Some thoughts to drive us are:

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Spring Term

This term, our topic is Iceberg Ahead! We will be finding out all about Titanic and the lives of the passengers on board. We ignited our enthusiasm with a visiting workshop. Through drama, we learnt all about what happened and who was aboard. The children have already generated their own questions they would like to research and find out about. They are particularly interested in finding out more about Captain Smith, knowing the different parts of the ship, finding out the First, Second and Third Class passengers and looking into to the people who survived. So, lets get ready for our learning… ALL ABOARD! 


Science: Our topics this term are Forces and Magnets and we will be carrying out lots of practical experiments around these areas and recording our findings.

Computing: We will combining text and graphics this term by creating our own Titanic presentations to link with our main topic.

Literacy: We will be basing our learning around the texts I was there and Kaspar the Titanic Cat.


Week 1: Well what a great start to a new year! The children have been very welcoming in my first week and have helped me settle into their class very quickly. Thank you year 3! We have fully jumped into our Titanic topic by taking part in a drama workshop this week. The children were amazing at acting out different aspects and their imagination was really flowing giving us insight about what it was really like on the ship. After we wrote some fantastic recounts about our day which was great to relive the experience all over again.

Week 2: Another great week this week. We have been focusing on multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number in Maths using the column method. The children have worked fantastically to improve their learning on this. Many children were able to show their working out in a variety of ways eg. by using place value counters, Numicon, etc. Well done! We have also worked really hard in our Literacy lessons by working on using descriptive devices such as adjectives, adverbs, alliteration and similes. On another note I was very impressed with the children’s homework responses. Let’s keep it up!

Week 3: We conducted lots of experiments this week by testing different materials to see if they were magnetic or not. We loved working in our groups and planning our investigation where we all had different jobs to do. We have been working on division this week and the children used their multiplication skills from last week to check their answers. Well done!


Week 4: We have been learning all about money this week. The children were excellent at recognising the different coins and knowing that they represented different values. We applied our addition and subtraction knowledge by finding different totals as well as as trying to find as many different combinations of coins for different totals. At the end of the week we used our money knowledge by pretending to be at a market place. We had different roles where some of us pretended to be shopkeepers and customers. Take a look at the pictures below. In English this week we have been focusing on different adjectives to describe a character from our class story ‘I was there…’ We have been reading lots to magpie different and interesting words. 

Week 5: We had a special visitor this week in our class… one of the characters, Daisy, from our story ‘I was there…’, came to answer some questions we had thought of in class. She gave us even more of an insight into the Titanic, what it was like and how she felt. Take a look at the pictures below. In Maths this week we have been learning about interpreting and presenting data. We did a tally at the beginning of the week where we went to the bottom of the field and collected results recording what vehicles went past our school. We then presented these results in a pictogram. Good job Year 3!


Week 6: Well, that’s the first half of Spring term done and what a fabulous start to my time at Buglawton. Thank you year 3 for welcoming me. The children have absolutely loved starting their Titanic topic and still have so much more they want to learn so we will be continuing our learning after the half term holiday. I have decided not to hand out homework over the holidays but if your child would like to continue their learning next week a few things they could do are: practising their multiplication ( is a good website for lots of fun games), writing a diary of their holidays, finding any interesting words in their reading books, looking for words with prefixes and suffixes plus daily reading would be great but most importantly have a happy and safe half term!

Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term a lot of our learning was underpinned by our ‘Prehistoric Britain’ Topic which focuses on life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. To kick off our learning in this topic we went  on a class trip to Tatton Park to take part in their ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ workshop. 



     Science:      Over the term, our science topics were Rocks and Soils and Light.

Computing:   We used the programme Scratch to write algorithms to create a simple animation, as well as learning how to find and fix ‘bugs’ in programmes.



Literacy: we used the books ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth‘ and ‘Stone Age Boy‘ to help us in our instruction writing. We also read ‘Stig of the Dump’ for fun!


To get us into the swing of things, we went on a Woolly Mammoth hunt! It was great fun!

Year 3 kicked off their Stone Age topic with a visit to Tatton Park. We found out about archaeology, arranged items on a timeline, created a human timeline, met the animals, built dens in the woods and learnt lots of information about life in the Stone Age.

On 19th September we were part of a parliamentary assembly and workshop where we found out about the work of MPs and took part in our own debate in the style of the houses of parliament,  

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Summer Term

In the final term, Year 3 will find most of our learning being underpinned by our 'Tomb Raiders' topic.  We will be exploring life and farming in Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, life on The Nile, Tutankhamun's tomb and our design and technology will focus on researching, designing and creating Egyptian 'papyrus' scrolls and sarcophagi! 

We hope to visit Manchester Museum*, where we should have an opportunity to consolidate, develop and apply historical enquiry skills and knowledge of ancient Egypt through both object handling and gallery work, we will:

  • Develop our enquiry and investigative skills.
  • Interpret evidence from mummy research.
  • Solve a ‘Raided Tomb Quest’ by identifying and reuniting objects that belonged to an ancient Egyptian chantress.

*Trip details to be confirmed.

In ICT we will also become 'opinion pollsters' discovering people's feelings on a range of topics from favourite pharoah to most-loved myth. Finally, we look forward to creating an Egyptian dance to perform to the whole school - we truly will be 'walking like Egyptians'

Titanic - The World's Largest Liner A3 Poster

Spring Term

Our topic in the Spring Term is called 'Iceberg ahead!' and focuses on the sinking of Titanic. We will 'launch' this topic with a visiting workshop where the children will immerse themselves in a creative Titanic themed day.  We will be thinking about social class, we will be learning about ice bergs. To further engage the class, all of the children will be given a boarding pass and their first challenge will be to find out information about themselves e.g. Were they a 1st, 2nd, 3rd class passenger or even a member of the crew? Did they survive? Where did they sail from and what was the reason for their travel? Somebody in our our class is the youngest passenger at just 9 weeks old!