Welcome to the Year 5 Page

The Class Teacher is Mr Oakden

The TAs are Miss Weatherby and Mrs Ramage

Autumn Term 2017

This term, our topic is “Mythical Beasts”

We will be studying life during the Ancient Greek era. In particular how we use evidence to find out about the past.

We will be finding out about the Greek Myths and how they relate to the Greek gods and religion.

We will also be looking at Greek temples, the army, pottery and everyday ancient Greek life.


Our science topic is Sun, Earth and the moon and Materials

We will be looking at how the earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the earth. We will look at how these movements effect the our measurements of time and the seasons. We will look at the phases of the moon and why the length of the day changes throughout the year.

In our second half term we look at materials and more specifically how to separate different mixtures and make the materials change state.


We will be using the programming language called scratch. We will be making our own games; it is a lot of fun.

We will also be looking at methods of communication. We will be using some semaphore and breaking codes

Information about Ancient Greek Gods – Click the buttons below



Also a mathematics sheet linked to the work done in the previous week.

Practise Tables  and Learn its

At school:

Return Homework on Wednesday


Big maths test

Reading EVERY night – 10 mins

Autumn Term Spelling List

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, ancient, apparent, available, category, cemetery, committee, communicate, community, controversy, correspond, develop.

Term One Learn Its

Mass Length Capacity Turn
500g = 0.5 kg 10mm = 1cm 5mm = 0.5cm 500ml = 0.5l 3600 = full turn
1000g = 1kg 100cm = 1m 50cm = 0.5m 1000ml = 1l 1800 = half turn = straight line
100g = 0.1kg 1000mm = 1m 500mm = 0.5m   900 = quarter turn = right angle
1.5kg = 1500g 1000m = 1km 500m = 0.5km    

Week 1

I’ve really enjoyed my first day and am sure I will enjoy year 5.


I’ve really enjoyed the first day especially art. I am looking forward to this year.


Today I’ve really enjoyed finding out about place value and learning about numbers.


We have had a really good first day and the children have all gone home with smiles on their faces.

We spent the afternoon making some artwork for the front covers of our topic books:

For our science lesson we went onto the playground to model the solar system:

Using scratch to write a computer programme:

Week 2

This week we have launched our topic with a drama day based on Ancient Greek Theatre.

We learnt about Greek plays and how they were created. 

The children had a great day and at the the end of the day performed a short play that they had rehearsed.


  This week we have found out the distances between the planets.

Click on the sun to visit a page where you can calculate the distances.

Week 3

We took part in a workshop to find out about what happens in the houses of parliament.

We had a visit from Hula Nation. We found out about healthy eating and made some pedal powered smoothies.


Week 4


Awkwardly This week we have been working on addition problems in maths.

We have been looking at writing better descriptions using expanded noun phrases:


Awkwardly, Claire crept out of the old building and saw right in front of her ancient trees that were black and twisted. Demi and Danny


The gloomy noise of silence hung around the dejected, grimy room. Preston


We have looked at the Labyrinth in the Minotaur myth.


Week 5

Mrs Young, our music teacher is back from her honeymoon and we have had a successful session with the clarinets and saxaphones.



Week 6

In Maths we have been drawing line graphs.


This week in out topic work we have been finding out about Ancient Greek soldiers.



Week 7

Our Wood wind Music lesson


This week we have also been drawing Ancient Greek Pottery





Week 8

This week we have been cracking codes in Computing

Click here to visit the code cracking website


We had a visit from the fire brigade who told what to do if there is a fire at home.

Week 9

This week we have been writing newspaper reports about the ancient olympic games.

We have been studying Multiplication in maths


Week 10

This week we have been writing travel brochures about Greece.


We have been continuing to study Multiplication in maths.


This week is anti bullying week. We have been discussing how to be more friendly to each other.


Friday 17th November was Children in Need day. We all dressed in our PJs and raised lots of money for charity.


Week 11

This week we have made Greek temples and written instructions about how to make them.


We have been continuing to study Division in maths.

Week 12

This week we have written a travel agents report about a Greek house.


We have been studying area and perimeter in maths


In computing this week we looked at how people can communicate using semaphore.


Week 13

This week has been assessment week so year have been very busy with tests.

We have begun rehearsing the songs for Young Voice 2018. We will be going 23rd January – Please return your reply slips as soon as possible. To listen to the songs click here or the logo.


We have conducted an experiment to find out how wrapping an ice cube in an insulated changes how it melts.